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Marketing Automation, Customer Engagement, & Attribution Platform for Local Business

Our Platform

FreshLime is the automated marketing & customer engagement platform for the local services space. Our technology allows us to simply, and easily connect you with your customers to drive growth and increased revenue. Our strategy revolves around helping you spend less on customer acquisition by doing more to retain new and existing customers. By encouraging more repeat business you can quickly increase your profitability within just a few weeks of using our service.


Powerful Automated Tools to Grow Your Business


More than just a dashboard, our Insight™ platform transforms your data into actionable insights that grow your business.


FreshLime engages your existing customer base to promote more repeat business and increase your revenue.


Connecting the dots between your on and offline marketing activities and what's really driving revenue growth.


FreshLime Engage™ automates the process of asking for customer feedback and systematically filters out unfavorable reviews.

The Process

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Step One: Onboarding

From day one, you'll be assigned your own personal account manager who will take care of all your marketing needs and collect your customer information. We have one-click integrations with leading software solutions like QuickBooks online and simple ways to convert your offline files for you.

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Step Two: Customer Engagement

Next, we'll engage your new and existing customers through targeted text, email, and social media campaigns. Fueled by your customer data, these campaigns will rapidly increase repeat visits, revenue, and profitability. Outcomes are guaranteed and so is your satisfaction.

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Step Three: Results

Our campaigns yield instant results and it's not uncommon for clients to see a return on their investment within a few weeks of sign up. And, unlike other marketing agencies, we can prove it. Our Insight platform is designed to track your individual sales back to their original lead source and show you the exact return on your investment.

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