Who We Are

Our team is passionate about helping small businesses succeed. We want to build small business products that don’t just work, but also have a measureable impact for our customers everyday. We are building a company we love, and a culture that is focused on building great products that will make our customers happy. We will be successful if we can make our customers lives better by delivering valuable tools and insights that saves them time and helps them grow.


Thought Leaders, Innovators, Technologists

Jay Bean

Jay Bean, Founder and CEO of FreshLime, is a focused and innovative entrepreneur with over a decade of online marketing and digital experience. Jay has a proven record of growing digital media technology and online advertising-based businesses with his singular vision. Jay brings to market start-ups that offer tremendous value to its customers, employees, and shareholders. Jay was the founder of ah-ha.com in 1999 and was a key driver that helped the company become one of the early leading companies in the Pay-Per-Click advertising space. After the company was acquired by Marchex in February 2003, Jay held several executive leadership positions in the company including President of its International Operations in Dublin, Ireland. Jay moved on to start local online marketing company OrangeSoda.com in 2007, shepherding the company as the CEO, through its significant growth trajectory, until its acquisition by Deluxe Corp in early 2012. Jay left his position as Chief Strategy Officer at Deluxe in June 2014 to serve as the Chief Executive Officer for FreshLime. He was named a 2009 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. Jay has a passion for building solutions for SMBs, and for solving marketplace pain points with forward-thinking technology.

Craig Miwa

Craig Miwa, Head of Technology at FreshLime, spent the past three years at Hewlett Packard (HPQ) as the engineering section manager for the web ePrint Services Platform, where he led engineering teams through the transition into a cloud service organization. Prior to moving to HP, Craig spent three years at AccessData, a computer forensics company, as the director over engineering for corporate enterprise services. There, he managed the eDiscovery and information assurance products and helped with the acquisition of the Summation product line. Prior to AccessData, Craig spent 11 years at LexisNexis (ENL), a legal publisher and one of the world's largest online legal research databases. Craig held various development and professional services positions and managed the team that created searchable SEC filings for LexisNexis customers. Craig holds a JD from Brigham Young University and a BS from California State University Long Beach.

Bob Barnes

Bob Barnes has built business development organizations that, combined, have delivered more than $100 million in revenue. Most recently, Bob operated a consulting practice supporting a variety of organizations in health tech, Fintech (mobile banking), Internet, and ecommerce with a focus on sales, business development, product development, interim executive management, and fundraising. In 2005, Bob founded Zonder, a venture-backed startup in the travel technology space, providing technology and inventory to major online travel agencies. Zonder quickly became a leader in the space by aggregating tens of thousands of privately-owned vacation rental properties and enabling real-time bookings across a variety of channels. As founder and CEO, Bob took a hands-on approach with product and business development and was the primary driver on exclusive partnerships with Worldspan, Orbitz, and Travelocity. Prior to Zonder, Bob was the vice president of business development at ah-ha.com. Bob and his team developed a number of partnerships that helped grow ah-ha to $35 million in annual revenue in under four years.

Our Team

Fresh thinking for local business. Our mission is to dramatically increase small business success through simple metrics, actionable insights, and results that matter.

Nathan Ashworth

Cameron Bean

Javier Cortez

Alessandra Cuneo

Mitch Davis

Ben Esplin

Joel Hartwell

Brian Hill

Erin Schurtz

Amanda Shaw

Tish Yahnker

Lesli Halford

Lauren Down


Our Values

One: We love local businesses

We put the Customer first in all of our actions and decisions. We build tools and solutions designed to help our customers grow. Our customers' success is our first priority.

Two: We focus on results that matter

We measure and evaluate our success based on objective accomplishments. We value results above effort, vacation days or hours worked.

Three: We love who we work with

We are picky about the people we work with. We have very high expectations for ourselves and each other. We don’t hire people that are just looking for a job. We embrace each other’s unique personalities and have fun working together.

Four: We love what we do

We each take responsibility for the long-term success of our company. We take pride in the products we build, the customers we service and the partners we help. You will never hear “that’s not my job” from a fellow FreshLimer.

Five: We believe in open, honest communication

We tell it like it is, using crisp, straightforward communication. Sugarcoating is not allowed. We believe open and honest communication allows for real transparency and better work relationships.

Six: We take action

We move fast. We trust our instincts. We always drive aggressively to decisions that help our customers win.

Seven: We question the status quo

We constantly innovate and improve our products, processes and technology. We listen to our customers, partners and team members. We share our ideas and look for ways to push the envelope every day.