Advocating for the happiness of your employees is beneficial to everyone, especially your business. The truth is, when people are happy they do better work. Happiness brings people to be more motivated, energized and willing to help. An employee who is happy with the company they are working for will want to see the company […]

We get it, you’re an entrepreneur and you’re busy! It’s not uncommon for business owners to lose themselves in their work, and quickly start living an unbalanced life. However, in order to be happy, it is important to let yourself have some freedom to do other things.   Being mindful of your business’ needs, as […]

Whether you’re already a business owner, or you are an aspiring business owner, there is always room for growth. Many successful entrepreneurs display similar characteristics, and that could be part of what contributes to their success.   What are the 3 top characteristics of successful entrepreneurs?   Passion Having a passion for what you do […]

If you missed our Facebook live video earlier today, we’re so sorry! However, you’re in luck! We’ve linked to the video below, so you don’t have to miss out on any of the valuable information that was shared by our CEO & Founder, Jay Bean.   You can watch the video here.  Be sure to […]

Exciting news today! You can attract 17,553 visitors to your website every month without spending a dime on ads. How do we know this? Because we know SEO and our partner SoloSEO knows it even better and they’ve worked out the numbers. The free webinar goes live in 2 days – come join us at […]