Do Your Customers Know How To Find You? Engage With You? Recommend You? Find You? Engage With You? Recommend You?

FreshLime helps your business grow through engaging with your customers on the platforms they use most.

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Why FreshLime?

Because today’s world isn’t made for locally-focused businesses, and we’re on a mission to change that.

The world caters more to big-name, enterprise-level brands than it does to small, locally-focused businesses. In fact, around 50% of SMBs fail within the first 5 years. That means when entrepreneurs start a business, they’ll likely struggle to succeed. The odds are simply against them. We’re changing that.

56,677 small businesses rely on us for actionable real-time connected customer insights – 233,523 insights to be exact.


More Customer Engagement


More Profit

When businesses work with us they typically see results like these within weeks, not months or years.

What is FreshLime?

FreshLime is customer engagement done right!

FreshLime brings together your customer, transaction, and marketing data to provide you valuable insights into each of your customers. Our Artificial Intelligence engine (we call her SAM which is short for Smart Automated Marketing) automates the use of these actionable insights to create a personalized experience when consumers are searching for your business, reading reviews, or asking Siri for directions to your location. With these smart insights we help you stay in front of your best customers on their mobile devices and the search, review, and social networks they use most often.

Sounds awesome, right? That’s because it is.


It’s hard to be chosen if you can’t be found. Especially in today’s connected world. It can be difficult to keep track of all the search engines, maps, and directories that tell your customers how and where to find you. That’s where FreshLime comes in. We connect you to your customers on their preferred device by ensuring your online information is always accurate and that you can be easily found. Now your customers can choose you, every time.


Your customers want to engage with you, but how do you find the time to reach out effectively with everything else you have going on? FreshLime engages with your customers for you so they will receive the right message at the right time and in the right way keeping you top of mind. We help businesses develop meaningful relationships with their customers through smart text, email & social media so your customers won’t be interested in searching for anyone else.


Half the money you spend on advertising is wasted, the trouble is figuring out which half! Stop guessing because FreshLime knows. We connect all of your customer, transaction and marketing data to reveal exactly what works to grow your business, and what doesn’t. We love seeing our clients smile because they use our technology and consistently increase their profits by 35%! (That’s in weeks, not months or years.) You’re welcome. 🙂

How Businesses are Succeeding with FreshLime

We thought we were doing a great job at getting our happy customers to leave reviews until we started using FreshLime. 5-star reviews doubled in a short time with little effort on our part. We are very happy with the results.

Brent P., FreshLime Customer, Oil & Lube


Since partnering with FreshLime we have noticed a significant return of past customers. We have had customers contacting us who we haven’t heard from in years! Our customers are very important to us and FreshLime is our solution to not losing them to competitors. In addition, our online reviews have increased dramatically.

Toby T., FreshLime Customer, HVAC


FreshLime has really ramped up the repeat business we get in the door. It costs so much to acquire a new customer and then we let them go. But FreshLime has gathered those customers back together in one pool and we get 6x more revenue to the bottom line on a repeat customer than a new customer - and the acquisition costs aren't there.

Lawrence S., FreshLime Customer, Plumbing

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