10 DLC Compliance Registration 

Send compliant, high volume text campaigns

Prevent fines or blocked messages

Simple 10 DLC Registration through FreshLime


What is 10 DLC?

10DLC (10-digit long code) is a formal program designed by US Carriers that secures and improves business-to-consumer text messaging, also known as A2P (Application-to-Person).

10DLC will build and maintain trust between businesses and consumers by establishing routes and validity for sending messages. It rewards companies who know their consumers and provides wanted content to them.

Why do you need to register for 10 DLC?

Higher Customer Engagement Rate

Because 10DLC can be a local number and even your own business number, customers are more willing to respond and interact because it is a phone number they recognize. 

More Reliable and Trusted

The more you can do as a business to make yourself recognizable and accessible to your customers, the more they will trust you. Americans receive 16.9 spam texts every month. Using a local number that separates you from the spam messages is a huge win towards gaining customers’ trust.

Send More Texts

With 10DLC, businesses can access a higher throughput rate. This means that more messages can be sent per minute on 10DLC than on a traditional 10-digit number. Texting is the highest rated contact method for customer satisfaction compared to all other communication channels. So now you can send text messages to customers individually or at scale with a local phone number, improving customer engagement and experience by communicating with them in their preferred method but with a number they recognize and trust. 


Better Customer Experience

10DLC creates A2P routes that are dedicated solely to B2C traffic, making for more trusted message sending, less spam and better deliverability

Higher Throughput

Previously standard across all mobile carriers, throughput will now be determined by brand size, vertical, and campaign use case.

Transparent Ecosystem

The registration process quickly identifies bad actors which ultimately preserves high industry response rates and reduces spam texts across the board.

The Registering Process

1. Brand Registration

Businesses must identify who they are to the carrier network.

2. Campaign Registration

Businesses must register what type of messages they are sending.

3. Start Texting

That’s it! Now you’re ready to start texting with more trust and transparency.

Get Registered for 10 DLC