Data analytics is becoming a more critical component of marketing. We now collect more data than ever before about our customers, our industry, and our companies’ performance. This information assists brands in optimizing their marketing, customer service, conversion rate, and product offerings.

However, data and technology are only one piece of the puzzle. Brands must exercise caution to avoid sacrificing their human side in favor of robotic interactions. Marketers must establish relationships with people in order to build business-customer relationships — and nobody establishes relationships with people better than other people. That is simply not a skill that bots possess. Not for the time being, at any rate.

That is not to say that data should be ignored. If you use the data you collect and organize to learn more about your customers, you can use it to help you form relationships with them. There is a connection between data, consumers, and brands — and leveraging that connection can benefit your customers as well as your business.

The following are ten strategies for leveraging data to strengthen relationships with your valued customers:

1. Discover How Influencers Can Help You Optimize Your Search Engine Optimization

Businesses can benefit from influencer marketing by reaching out to their target customers more effectively. This is not, however, the only advantage. 

You may even improve your SEO with the right data and tracking information. Given that the majority of social media influencers will have a website, blog, and social media presence, you should attempt to have your link integrated into all of their online assets. When they share your link or incorporate it into an online asset, you increase your website’s social authority, which works wonders for your search rankings. 

This will enable you to strengthen your customer relationships. Instead of simply relying on Google My Business to find clients for you, you can increase your online presence so you can rank for competitive keywords in your industry. 

2. Enhance Your Business’s Instagram Presence by Mastering Search Algorithms

The majority of businesses desire to be easily accessible via Instagram. However, the algorithm makes this more difficult. Fortunately, understanding how things work can assist you in reaching a larger audience. According to Instagram marketing experts, one of the most effective ways to increase your reach on Instagram is to increase engagement through the use of hashtags. 

Attorney Brian White does this on his Instagram by including tons of hashtags and also reposting clips from his TikTok channel:

Posts like this get a lot of people interacting with it and can boost followings for businesses like law firms, service-based companies, or doctors that think they cannot benefit from social media.

This is because the Instagram algorithm determines how your content is shown or recommended based on ranking signals such as views, likes, and comments on your Instagram posts.

3. Examine Statistics on Video Marketing


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Numerous businesses employ video marketing techniques to increase customer acquisition. Specifically, video marketing is becoming a more critical strategy for a growing number of online businesses. 

Having accurate information about this tactic may assist businesses in creating content that addresses customers’ wants and needs. To connect with your customers, you can use vlogs, video interviews, tutorial videos, presentations, product demos and reviews, video testimonials, live stream recordings, and video ads.

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4. Utilize Data Blending to Improve Marketing

Data blending is the process of combining data from various sources into a single usable and standardized data set. 

It is a critical component of strategy in the age of big data, as businesses attempt to define business intelligence and make enterprise-level decisions using massive and diverse volumes of data. This strategy is gaining traction among analysts and analytic firms due to its simplicity and effectiveness in extracting information from many data sources. 

In business, you may combine data on common dimensions to obtain the Sales Goal metric by comparing actual sales against target sales. This data mixing technique is applicable to marketing, allowing for the collection and evaluation of reliable customer data.

5. Ensure on-time Payment

Invoicing can occasionally cause conflict between service organizations and their customers. This is particularly true when clients fail to make timely payments. 

However, the invoicing software you use may assist you in receiving payments and resolving issues. You can select a payment processor and collaborate with your clients to discuss and specify payment conditions. You can implement a gadget or piece of software that will notify the client of pending payments and dues.

6. Increase Customer Retention Rates Through the Use of Customer Health Indices

For all businesses, the Customer Health Score is critical. It is a measure that forecasts whether a customer will leave or remain and grow

This should be intended to provide sufficient visibility into what is occurring in your customers’ accounts. The more knowledge you have about your customers, the better equipped you are to communicate with them. At any moment in time, the ability to determine a customer’s level of satisfaction is critical in order to take preventative measures.

Customer Health Index examines the entire customer lifecycle and delivers a holistic perspective of a customer’s health. This information can be used to forecast customer behavior and demands, as well as to detect at-risk customers prior to churn. Increased retention may result from this improved communication.

When it comes to customer health, you may have your own set of KPIs that are most important to you. If, on the other hand, you’re searching for a place to start, the following are the key metrics that the majority of firms track:

  • Increase in balances
  • Relationship in general
  • Usage profundity and breadth
  • Upsells in volume
  • Renewals in number
  • Customer relationship duration
  • The findings of the poll
  • Sufficient assistance
  • Commentary on products
  • Involve the community
  • Expense tracking
  • Product utilization in aggregate

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, it should get you started.

As you finalize your plan, it’s critical to limit the number of metrics you track. Ideally, you should be able to manage all of these manually if necessary; the last thing you want is to drown in data and be unable to extract valuable insights from it.

7. Utilize Science to Increase the Viability of Your Content

There is no sure-fire strategy to make a blog article or video become viral in a short period of time. However, there are numerous cases. Utilizing a scientific method may help you gain confidence and increase your chances. To begin, you must understand your target, nail the technical specifics, and appeal to the emotions of your audience.

Two well-documented psychological consequences are listed below that activate the brain’s reward pathways.

 a. Gap Theory of Information

Humans are information-obsessed and have an insatiable curiosity about their surroundings. That is why, when your Twitter feed offers the opportunity to temporarily satisfy your curiosity with a single click, you simply cannot resist.

Scientists haven’t yet worked out how exactly curiosity works, but what we already know is that it’s an itch that humans feel they must scratch on a constant basis. According to the information gap theory, we frequently behave in order to close a gap between what we know and what we desire to know.

 b. Searching for Novelty

Your mind has grown weary of seeing the same old concepts repeated incessantly. That is why you will be drawn to novel or uncommon items – including the material on your favorite website or social media feed.

Indeed, the brain is built in this manner to seek novelty. Seeing something new might inspire us to explore our surroundings in search of benefits, and with social media, those rewards are just a click away.

If you keep these principles in mind when you develop content, you can just end up with a viral sensation! Understanding your target, nailing the technical specifics, and appealing to specific emotions have all been empirically proven to significantly increase your chances.

8. Pinterest as a Small Business Resource

Pinterest can be an incredible tool for marketing a business as well as for learning new strategies and data about clients. Pinterest has made it easier for small business owners to incorporate Pinterest promotion into their already hectic schedules. These businesses can create a promoted pin in as little as nine seconds by using the new Promote button when creating or viewing a Pin.


9. Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations

Among all the necessary information, one of the most critical pieces of information about your clients to consider is their expectations. Many customers rely on social media to communicate with your brand and share their experiences. That is a significant source of client feedback for you! However, did you realize that 500 million tweets are sent out every day? It may be challenging to monitor customer conversations in today’s crowded social media landscape.

With the aid of social media monitoring tools such as Social Mention, Hootsuite, and Quicksprout, you may select specific keywords to watch, such as your brand or product name. When a user makes a reference to one of those keywords, the program notifies you immediately.

By monitoring brand mentions, you may enable your customer care team to respond to customer inquiries in real-time and deliver highly personalized user experiences. Above all, social platforms enable you to collect and analyze customer feedback.

With this information, you can ensure that each encounter meets or exceeds those requirements. Specifically, you may generate recurring business and differentiate yourself from the competition. You can obtain this information by personally contacting the customer, conducting competitive research, or analyzing previous transactions.


Additionally, you can set and meet customer expectations by incorporating an element of surprise, improving response time, providing a consistent experience across all channels, getting personal, involving customers in the development process, and connecting with customers via community chatbots and chatbots.

Each time you make contact with a customer, you’ll collect new data that will assist you in providing them with value. Therefore, keep in mind that your consumer is the most critical component of your business—not another data point.

10. Use Competitor Keywords to Boost Your Digital Strategy

Choosing the right keywords is critical because they can have a significant impact on your SEO. Many businesses struggle to devise effective SEO strategies but by examining your competitors or industry leaders, you may be able to narrow down on the right keywords with far more ease.

For example, when we are writing fresh content for freshlime, we can take a look at what our competitors are ranking for by using Ahrefs.

We can then see what keywords each competitor is ranking for by clicking the number in the column ‘keywords unique to competitor’.

Here is an example of this in action:

Wrapping it up

Data enables the acquisition of priceless customer information. By concentrating on the proper metrics and data, centralizing it, and using it wisely, you may gain a better understanding of your clients and give more relevant and personalized service. Above all, you may use the tools listed above to improve your team’s performance, provide superior customer service, and develop closer relationships with your consumers.

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