Are you running a small business, and struggling with customer service? Here are some tips for making sure your first conversation with a new customer is a positive experience:

  • Answer the phone with a smile on your face. If you are smiling, it’s hard to sound grumpy. It’s important that the customer feels how happy you are to be talking to them. Make sure they get treated with over-the-top kindness.
  • Answer their questions with more than one word. Even if a customer asks you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question, give the customer more information. A one word answer doesn’t sound as friendly as a more informative one.
  • End the call on a high note. When you end the call with your customer, make sure to tell them to, “Have a good day,” or at least thank them for calling. A good, personal closing statement goes a long way and can really impress upon the customer that you were glad they called.

Use these tips to keep your customers calling and using your business. A phone call is usually the first interaction someone will have with your business, so make it a good one. Remember, the first impression is the most important!