Every small business owner knows that “word-of-mouth” business is the life-blood of successful companies- it’s one of the best perks of doing good business. Times have changed – Now-a-days there’s a new sheriff in town: “word of mouth online”.

Whether we like it or not more and more people are turning to their computers in their pockets (mobile phones) for business and company service recommendations – “word-of-mouth” online reviews have single handedly changed the online marketing space. Gone are the days where SEO is king – no longer can you pay to pull up top and be found. Now days, being the first company to be found in a search does not mean you are the best company in town! It is your reputation. Your reviews. The truth is, what matters most, is who you are online NOT where you are online… it all comes down to one thing- TRUST. You want and need customers to trust that you and your company will do proper service and provide superior quality work.

People choose companies they know they can trust, every time! According to SearchEngineLand.com, “88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations”. Individuals choose the company that has the strongest star rating online because being able to trust a company provides individuals peace of mind knowing they’ve made the right choice.

Now, there are a lot of aspects of online reputation, reviews and repeat business for small business that we haven’t talked about – but we’ll save that for next time. In the meantime call 855-744-2369 to find out how FreshLime can help your company’s online reputation or learn more in a demo today!