While social media marketing is more trendy, email marketing is still a tried-and-true marketing technique. When it is done correctly – email marketing can be really profitable for your small business. In order to get the best results from your emails, you will want to make sure you have the optimum strategy in place for your email marketing.

Follow these tips to improve your email campaigns:
1. Send emails at the optimum time. Obviously people don’t want to receive emails in the middle of the night. Sending emails early in the day and in the evening when people are less busy with work are generally the best times to get your emails seen. Typically Tuesday and Wednesdays have the best performance and open rate, when it comes to email marketing.

2. Make your emails mobile-friendly. Most people check their emails on their phones. It is the most convenient way for someone to see what they are receiving. Many people will simply delete an email if it ins’t optimized for mobile (or at best give it a quick glance). Use a responsive email template to avoid this problem.

3. Offer help and advice. People get tired of being sold stuff ALL the time. Often customers will ignore emails if they are only being sold to. You are trying to build a relationship with your customers. By educating your customers about your service you will be able to build trust, so when you are ready to offer deals they will be willing to listen to you.

4. Avoid mistakes. Don’t forget to edit your emails. Having an email with spelling and grammar mistakes will cause readers to tune out. Sloppy and poorly written content will cause customers to question your knowledge and credibility. Have someone check your work, since they can often see mistakes you might miss. Take all the time necessary editing and revising your content.

By following these tips you are ensured to get better results out of your email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is very important so put the work in to make sure your email campaigns look their best. Having good emails will go a long way towards making your business stand out.

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