Over 20 million homes in the United States use a doorbell camera. When a homeowner sees that a salesperson is knocking on their door, are they less inclined to open up? Maybe they worry that they don’t have the time to chat or maybe they assume they will not be interested in what is being sold.

People have many reasons for wanting to implement a doorbell camera on their home, such as: 

  • Deterring crime
  • Chatting with the visitors when the homeowner is away
  • Safer deliveries
  • Screening visitors
  • And more

Whatever the reason is for a homeowner to place a doorbell camera up, the big question is: Are doorbell cameras causing problems for salespeople – specifically those focusing on field sales?

Even though we don’t yet have a plethora of data on that specific question, it’s safe to assume that people are less likely to answer their door when they don’t know the person on the other side. The pandemic we faced over the last two years did not help with making people feel more at ease about opening their door to strangers. 

On the other hand, more people are working from home now than ever before. While this allows more opportunities for someone to be home when a field sales rep comes knocking on their door, it might also be a bad time. Having a doorbell camera makes it so someone’s curiosity does not drive them to answer the door when it’s a “bad time.”

The good news for field sales reps in all of this is that even if someone does not want to answer the door, that doesn’t mean the sale is over. In fact, it gives the rep an opportunity to leave behind information about their product/services that can ignite interest in the homeowner. 

Using Smart QR Codes makes it so homeowners can easily scan a QR code that will lead them to a text conversation with you. This starts the conversation so they can ask questions, schedule a time for you to come back or even listen to your pitch virtually. 

Making the most of the upcoming sales season starts with being prepared for any situation, including people choosing not to answer the door when you stop by. 

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