Ask! It is not rocket science! By simply asking for customer referrals, customer referrals will increase.

Be Direct. When asking for referrals, be direct and ask two simple questions: The first question should always start with “Who do you know that…?”, your second question to ask should begin with “Who else…?” Remember: the second follow-up question is equally as important as the first – just because someone has one referral doesn’t mean they don’t have another one that could benefit you.

Follow-Up. This is one of the simplest, but most difficult things to do. Don’t be shy! Shoot your happy customers a quick email, text, or even call them to remind them to refer your business.

Express Gratitude. Whenever you get a referral, never forget to send a quick handwritten thank you card. If you are feeling extra generous, throw in a gift card as a token of appreciation as well.