As a small business owner you wear many different hats.  Owner…Billing…Customer Services… and Reputation Management Manager?  You may not think that focusing on your online reputation is part of your already full plate, but it is absolutely vital.

Do a quick search online for your services.  What do you see?  Companies with review ratings at the top of the search?  

Here is an example of what I found doing a search for “plumbing Phoenix”:

These top business all have review ratings that help them stand out.  But are the review ratings really effective?  Would someone really call a business with better reviews over another?  


According to Brightlocal, 92% of customers read reviews to determine the quality of a local business.
Only 8% do not look at reviews.

So you are probably asking, “How do I get my customers to leave me reviews?”  Great question!

Here are 4 Tips on getting customers to leave you a review:

  1. Ask for it.
    It may be hard to believe, but that is the majority of the battle.  You’ve already impressed them with your quality of work.  Now it’s just asking to see if they can help you out by leaving a review for you online for others to see.
  2. Have a Complete Company Profile.
    Whether it is a Google+ Local business page or a Facebook company page, it is helpful to fill out
    all of the information you can about your business. Talk about what makes your business unique and competitive.  Add pictures so that potential customers can see the quality of work that you do. Fill out all of the contact information so that you can be reached.
  3. Make It Simple.
    You are asking someone to take time out of their busy schedule to do something for you.  You’ve got to make it simple.  Create company listings on multiple large directories; a couple of examples are Google+, Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List, etc…  The more options that you give your customers the more likely they will have an account to actually leave you a review.
  4. Respond to Feedback.
    If your customer takes the time to leave you feedback, you need to respond to them.  Potential customers will see that you are involved in your business and that you care enough to respond.  It is very important to respond to all feedback in a very professional tone.  Keep in mind that not only that customer will see your response, but also everyone else. Keeping your response professional will show others that you will deal with a difficult situation in an efficient, professional manner.  Overall, it will help you establish trust with your existing and new customers as they read your responses.

As a small business, getting reviews and feedback from your customers is a huge part of growing your business.  Don’t leave this part of your business to chance.  It is one of the ways to help you grow business without spending a dime.

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