Halloween is almost here and pumpkin season has been in full swing already. As the holidays approach, so do people’s spirits, although their pocket books are in for a beating. So beat the holiday retail rush and get your customers to book business with you before the dry spell with these 3 fun ideas on how to build customer loyalty during this awesome time of year.

  1. Sweeten the deal – Halloween candy is CHEAP and SMALL this time of year. Buy a bunch and make little treat bags to leave with your customers. Include a note that says something sappy like “It’s so sweet to have customers like you!” or “The trick in convincing you to be our customer is our treat!” Sounds corny? That’s OK – people like corny. It makes you endearing. Corn it up – and by the way corn makes an excellent fall decoration to add to your pumpkins at the front door. Take advantage.
  2. National Pumpkin Day – Today is NPD! By now a lot of pumpkin patches around the area offer discounts for the pumpkins left over and you can pick up a bunch of small ones to have in the car and leave at your next appointment. It spreads fall cheer and let’s face it… who doesn’t like pumpkins???
  3. Pumpkin Spice Latte – Need I say more??? During this blessed time of year Starbucks pulls out all the stops with it’s delish, high calorie pumpkin spice latte. Offer clients a coffee on you if they book before Thanksgiving and either get $5 Starbucks cards or send them digitally. Either way, they are only around for a limited time so your customers will appreciate the thought and special attention to seasonal detail:).

Happy National Pumpkin Day and Customer Loyalty Marketing!!