Getting more exposure for your business on Facebook is more important now than ever. Facebook has over a billion active users, which means that’s where you want to be! Gaining more exposure on Facebook will help to increase your followers, which increases your business. There are several things you can do to help increase the amount of exposure your business page receives on Facebook, and here are a few of the top ways:

Know Facebook’s Algorithm

Yes, Facebook has an algorithm and they use it to determine what will show where and how often. The Social Media Examiner wrote an awesome blog post detailing exactly what Facebook looks for in their algorithm. Once you have familiarized yourself with Facebook’s algorithm, use your knowledge! Optimize your page to reflect what Facebook wants to see in order to reach the ultimate amount of exposure.

Post Engaging Content

When you’re posting content for your followers to see, try to get them to engage. You can do this by asking questions, taking polls, or doing some sort of survey or giveaway. This is helpful because when they engage with your posts, their Facebook friends and followers are likely to see it as well, when they otherwise wouldn’t. When you’re writing content for your Facebook page, really think about making it worthwhile and engaging for your followers. This will increase your exposure for each of those posts, and your page overall!

Use Images

Facebook posts with images receive 2-3x MORE engagement than posts with no images. It’s true, when people see an image on a Facebook post, they are much more likely to pay attention and engage. Your images can be of your work, funny memes, or anything else you feel would get your followers to pay attention. Either way, adding images to your Facebook posts will increase your exposure by increasing the engagement your posts receive.

The point is, Facebook is a very powerful tool for businesses and knowing how to use it to get the most exposure possible will be very beneficial for your business. Follow these tips and watch your Facebook following and engagements increase!

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