In this modern world social selling is crucial for any small business. Social media is an essential tool you have to use to connect with the majority of your customers – and you can no longer hide behind the scenes.

Try these tips to get the most out of your customer relationships through social media:

1. Set up your Facebook page to allow people to leave reviews
In order to have a review section, you must set up your business page as a “Local Business” and enter your address (you can hide it so others can’t see it). Encourage customers to leave reviews on your page. This allows visitors to your Facebook page the opportunity to see honest reviews about your company. Having reviews on Facebook is a quick and easy way for potential customers to see how your company rates without going to other sites.

2. Always respond to feedback
Often small business owners are so busy they forget to respond to customer’s messages and comments on social media. But it is crucial to respond to these comments. It not only shows that customer that you care, but it will show other customers who see your response that you are willing to help out when someone has a question. Make sure you respond to any feedback in a professional manner.

3. Use your private messages
Take advantage of the messaging features on your social media pages. This is a great way to respond to customers on a personal level. You can respond to someone’s specific questions or concerns which lets them know you are willing to give them personal attention. If someone is complaining address them publicly so people know you have responded, but then take the conversation to private messages. It is unnecessary for everyone to see all of the details of a customer complaint.

4. Show off compliments
If someone praises you ask them if you can share it on social media. Find ways to show off a customer’s compliments. Maybe they sent a nice text or a private message complimenting your service. Ask them if you can screenshot the message and share it on social media. They will often be happy to let you share their private praise and make it public for others to see. If you get a positive review on Facebook or another site, post it so it will be easy for people to see.

Besides in person interaction, you need to actively monitor your social networks to build lasting relationships with your customers. Don’t just make a page and forget about it for weeks at a time. Set up notifications so you know if someone leaves you a comment or message.  Actively engaging with your customers through social media will boost your relationships with them, which will make them more likely to use your service in the future.
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