Boosting Facebook engagement is a common struggle for small businesses. The ever-flowing sea of information and change with how social networks let you interact with customers and who sees your posts can make it difficult for your content to stay relevant to your audience – potential, current and past customers!

To solve this problem, we’ve tested 4 ideas to help increase Facebook and other social media engagement:


1. Present Your Personality

We all are aware of the very popular sharing platform Buzzfeed. This decade-old company’s popularity grew from their humorous quizzes, articles, and unique videos. Their amusing insight to their company and employees has created a new layer of business transparency.

Buzzfeed introduced the personality behind of the company through their employees and you can do the same! The Buzzfeed takeaway – don’t be afraid to show your personality! People do business with people they like. Putting your personality out there also allows current and future customers to build trust and familiarity with your company.

One way we have been doing this is through our Periscope video series, FreshLime Faces, where we interview team members to gain a better understanding of the people behind our Marketing Automation, Engagement and Attribution Platform for local business. Afterall, a business is as good as the people who run it day to day. Show off a little!


2. Intriguing Images

We all know the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. On Facebook and other social media outlets like Instagram and Pinterest, a picture is worth a lot more. This is why intriguing, high quality images are more crucial than ever – you only have one chance to stand out amongst all the other posts and imagery is one of the best ways to compete for eyeballs.

Photos or images are some of our favorite ways to encourage engagement because they enhance status updates or links. At FreshLime, we like to have a mixture of images and photos that are relevant to our niche as well as playing off the “fresh” and “lime” in our name.


3. Captivating Captions

When scanning through social media news feeds, long titles with dull words are easily skipped compared to the shorter, captivating titles. This simple difference can notably modify the amount of consumer engagement you see on your social network.

You can create engaging captions and titles in multiple ways. Alliterations, numerals, questions, and unique adjectives are simple, yet highly effective ways to captivate and draw your audience in and encourage engagement on the link post or general Facebook post.

We all struggle with creating the most captivating captions or titles so don’t get discouraged. Play around with different ideas and see what starts resonating with your crowd – and like we said above – don’t be afraid to show your personality!


4. Clever Consistency

We are all know that there are multiple keys to success for business on social media, whether large or small. Consistency is one of those keys. This application tool is powerfully effective for every type of business. It supports the growth of brand awareness, encourages customer engagement, and aids in maintaining your relevance.

We hear people tell us all the time how discouraged they are when they try something out and it doesn’t seem to be engaging their followers. Then we ask how long they have been at it and they say “a week!” Then we show them the door (kidding… kind of). It takes awhile for people to catch on to your brilliant ideas! So cut yourself some slack and just keep going. Try new things and then go back to whatever you were trying to make go viral. The key is keep trying. Be consistent.

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