Maybe you own a restaurant. Maybe you own an HVAC business. Or perhaps you’re part of another type of service company, such as a salon or car wash.

Regardless, you know one thing to be true: it’s important to drive as much repeat business as possible.

If you’re struggling to get existing customers back in the door, here are five strategies you’ll want to implement in the near future:

1. Email Marketing

Do you have an email list that’s doing nothing more than collecting dust? It’s time to put it to good use.

With an email marketing strategy in place, you can quickly and efficiently connect with existing customers.

From updates on new products and services to an exclusive discount because they’ve done business with you in the past, there’s a lot to share in your email messages.

2. Text Message Marketing

There’s a good chance this is new to you, but we’ve got you covered. Here’s a recent blog postoutlining a variety of text message marketing tips you can follow to reach your goals.

The primary benefit of text message marketing is the instantaneous nature. Most people will see your message right away, giving you the opportunity to make an immediate connection.

3. Share a Coupon

It doesn’t matter if you do so via email, text message, snail mail, or some other means, it’s a great way to excite your customer base.

A customer is much more likely to do business with you again if they’re able to save on a product or service.

You may be surprised at how powerful a coupon can be as you try to get existing customers back in the door.

4. Give Something Away

For example, a restaurant could offer a free appetizer in exchange for buying one dinner. An HVAC company could offer a free inspection with no strings attached.

If you thought a coupon was a great way to get people excited, wait until you see how they react to getting something for free.

5. Get on the Phone

This won’t work for every type of business, but it’s the perfect strategy for some. There’s nothing wrong with calling your customers, asking for an update on their purchase or past experience, and inviting them to try you out again.

It takes more time than other strategies, but it’s also the best approach if you want to make a personal connection.


Don’t spend so much time chasing around new prospects that you overlook the many strategies you can use to get existing customers back in the door.

Even if you only experiment with one of these ideas, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to generate interest, traffic, and sales.

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