People want to see who you really are. When you demonstrate who your company is and what you stand for it allows you to build trust and familiarity with your current and future customers. Apps like Periscope and Meerkat and other social live videos create opportunities of trust and familiarity.  These videos are designed to allow your company to express the human behind the service and how each employee and customer influences each other to have a better experience.  

Here are 5 companies that making the most out of social live videos & apps and the results are addictively fun for both producer and viewer.


  • Nestlé Drumstick – With the additional help from Twitter and Vine, Nestle Drumstick promotes their cold treat for summer through Periscope, Vine, and social media personalities to broadcast summertime scenes. The use of the various social media platforms and live videos provides customers to engage with their favorite stars and remind to take time to enjoy summer and the treats with it.


  • Adidas – Adidas uses social media platforms and social live videos, especially Twitter and Periscope, to announce new changes, exciting additions to teams or contracts with the brand. The use of the various social media platforms allows fans to have direct conversation with their favorite Adidas players and build that relationship beyond the brand.



  • FreshLime – With the help of Snapchat and Periscope, FreshLime gives their current and future customers a behind-the-scenes look of the employees that make FreshLime possible. These apps and other social media platforms are used to provide meet and greets with employees, their love for FreshLime, and how FreshLime’s services impact local small businesses.


  • Dunkin’ Donuts – Dunkin’ Donuts uses social media platforms and live videos, like Periscope and Spotify, to promote its iced coffee inspired concert series. The use of these social media platforms allows Dunkin’ Donuts to reach a younger audience that is not able to attend the events as well provides the playlists, videos, and behind-the-scene content.


  • GE – With the help of Twitter and Periscope, GE provides their fans with behind-the-scenes interviews with Youtube and scientific celebrities to educate and entertain their various customers. GE definitely demonstrate their human-aspect with their DRONEWEEK and the adventures the drove took flying coast to coast.


Live video is new to the scene for business and it might seem intimidating but it can be a lot of fun! Show off your personality, company culture and product/service and you can’t go wrong!

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