Your customers are showing their appreciation for you and your business each and every time they utilize your services. Are you showing that appreciation back? Of course, your great service and friendly attitude is one way to do that. What if you want to do something a little bigger for some of those customers who you appreciate most? Remember, customers are the life-blood of any, and every, business. It’s important to recognize them with something fun and surprising every once in awhile! Here are some simple, fun customer appreciation ideas:


1. Send a Handwritten Note

Sending your customer a handwritten note is a simple, but effective way to show them you are thankful for their business with you. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just a quick thank you with your signature, or the signature of the employees who worked with them. This shows the customer that you care about them and their satisfaction with your services. Not only that, but now they have a physical card from you to remind them of your business anytime they need your services in the future!


2. Start a Loyalty Program

All the major fast food and grocery store chains have loyalty programs setup for their customers- why shouldn’t you do the same? Your business could be generating more revenue simply by giving out points for rewards to your customers. If a customer thinks that using your business will eventually earn them $10 off a service, why wouldn’t they pick you over a competitor? This is also a great way to show customers that frequent your business how thankful you are for them. The more they spend, the more they earn!


3. Freebies

People love to get something free, even if it’s something small. You could have cookies out for customers to take upon coming into your office, or have your crew take pens displaying your logo on the job with them. Even though these small gestures of something free will go a long way with your customers. You don’t have to break the bank to give your customers something free for fun!


4. Giveaways

A fun perk of being a customer of yours, can be random giveaways. Whether you hold these giveaways online through social media, in your business itself, or by sending out an email to your customers, it’s sure to be fun! Gather your entries and find a winner to get a free or discounted service. You could even give away something smaller- like a branded t-shirt or water bottle! A giveaway is a great way to not only show appreciation for your customers, but it can also be an opportunity to draw more attention to your social media pages or emails.


5. Hold a Luncheon for VIP Customers

People love free food! Anyone would be happy to be invited to a luncheon at your office, or a local restaurant held for your VIP customers. Don’t be afraid to invite them over to spend some time with you and your co-workers while enjoying a lunch. If it is within your budget, this is a great thank-you gesture, that can also be quite fun and make for new friends!


Whether you want to send a gift card or hold a luncheon for your VIP customers, or do something smaller like leave fresh cookies or coffee out in the office for all of your customers, it will not go unnoticed. Your customers will be thankful to feel your appreciation, and you will feel good about putting forth the effort to thank them for keeping you in business!

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