Every business needs to engage with their customers because that’s what keeps them coming back. Customers want to know that they are important to you and your business (which they are or you probably wouldn’t have a business). Every business engages with their customers in different ways. But what are some unique and surefire ways to engage with your customers to make them feel important and win their loyalty? Here at FreshLime, that is one of our specialties so we’ll let you in on some of our best customer engagement secrets.

Social Media

If you’ve been living under a rock you may not have noticed that social media is a pretty big deal today, almost everyone is on some form of it. So don’t hold back! Embracing social media will open many more doors for potential customers and current customers. Follow your customers–it’s pretty simple–follow their business or personal account, like their posts, comment to them, reply and retweet them. Let people know your business is human too and that you truly care about your clients. People love to interact through those different channels so take advantage of it.

Mobile App

Having a mobile application may not apply to all business types but if have a service that can be used from a mobile device, consider a mobile app or at least make sure you are optimized on mobile platforms like Yelp and Facebook for others to find you. People love things to be easy! Being able to pay a bill on the app, set appointments, and do more with your business is a huge advantage for you and for them. *Hint – FreshLime has a mobile app that makes this really easy for you.

Keep Customers In the Loop

Ever heard of FOMO? It’s the “fear of missing out” and it’s a real thing. Your clients want to be involved and never miss a beat, and a great way to do that is to start a company newsletter. Once a month or quarterly, send out an update to your customers with information on new employees, improvements to your service and fun happenings around the office or awards and accomplishments. Keeping clients in the loop will allow your customers to feel like they are a part of your business and important enough to you that you want to keep them up to date with what’s going on.   

Make it Easy

Customers are the reason you have a business, so treat them that way. Make it easy for your customers to contact you: email, social, calling AND texting. Don’t be so focused on protocol and policy. Do what is best for the customer and what makes them feel comfortable – help them get the best deal and be honest in your dealings. The best way to keep customers engaged and happy is to go back to the golden rule and treat others the way you want to be treated. It works every time! Find out what form of contact works best for each customer and engage with them in that way. Your customers will appreciate it.

Ask for Customer Input

No one loves filling out surveys or being called and bothered to leave a review but it is important for your business. On your website and mobile app, leave a comment box, email individual customers and ask for their feedback, send a quick text survey or have a real person call clients to check up on them and ask for their thoughts. More than likely people have something to say and want to help. Be open to criticism and work to make important changes to increase customer satisfaction.

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