You are trying everything you can to attract new customers and you have heard that direct mail can do the trick – but will it really work? How do you design a campaign to hit the right nerve at the right moment to win a customer? Try these 5 tips to get started!

Tip 1: Include a personalized letter in your envelope

Potential customers get mail everyday from companies trying to sell them something – set yourself apart by including a personalized letter. Tell them why you are passionate about what you do and how you help people, offer up a personal guarantee, wish them well for the holidays, do whatever you can to sweeten the deal if they choose to hire you.

Tip 2: Follow up – Follow up – Follow up

Sending a letter once and never following up? A recipe for… no response. The chances that you will win a customer after 1 engagement are less than 1 in 10. You will get hired only if the person is looking for exactly what you are offering at the moment you are offering it. Otherwise, into the trash bin you go – and next month, when their toddler spills cranberry juice all over the living room rug and they need a carpet cleaner, they are just going to head to Google to hire the business that shows up first and has the best reviews. Direct mail is intended to warm up a lead – no matter how well you design a flier/one-pager/heart-felt letter – it won’t win the business unless you follow up.

Tip 3: A really great mailing list

Many companies buy mailing lists or scour the internet for leads that might help them win business. Both of these are options for building your mailing list, but your undeliverable mail will likely hit up to 40%. Keep track of what’s coming back and update your lists. Don’t waste marketing $ on non-marketable contacts. Make sure you keep asking for contact info from prospects whenever you can – whether it’s social media, the local community event, a chamber meeting, whatever. Your customer list is gold for marketing – as long as it’s accurate.

Tip 4: Offer up an offer

As long as you are taking the trouble to create a mailing piece, make sure you include an offer! Simply letting people know you are in town is good, but an offer to get them in the door and to pick up the telephone is even better. Give them a reason to need you – because they can’t resist a good deal. Seasonal discounts, discounts with a time expiration, a freebie with a service booked, and donating to a charity a portion of a service cost, are all great ideas to get your foot in the door. Try new things to engage with your community and encourage them to act sooner rather than later.

Tip 5: Appeal to as many of the 5 senses as possible

First make sure your direct mail pieces are visually appealing – use images that stand out – don’t use too many – make sure they are crisp and clear. Using anything lower than high resolution just makes your company look unprofessional and customers will think it reflects on your service. Paint a picture for them that makes them smell the smell of fresh cut grass if you are a gardener, or new paint in a beautiful remodel. Get creative with the others as you can – thinking outside the box may be a hit or miss, but if you don’t try new things it will be a sure fail.

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