There is no denying the fact that you should respond to every online review, both the good and bad.

However, before you start typing, there’s something to remember: you need to put plenty of thought into what you say, especially when responding to a negative review.

If you had a bad experience with a customer – particularly one in which you believe you did nothing wrong – you have every right to be upset. While you may want to “fire back” in your response to a bad review, you need to bite your tongue. This won’t get you anywhere.

Here are five ways you should never respond to a negative online review:

We didn’t do anything wrong!

Even if you have every reason to believe the customer was in the wrong, you shouldn’t respond with this all-too-common line. There’s nothing wrong with playing it neutral in an attempt to defuse the situation.

It was your fault!

Again, there’s nothing to gain from saying this. The customer isn’t going to agree with you, and it’s going to make your business look bad online (when other customers read your response).

What did you really expect for how much you paid?

This comes across one way: you calling the customer cheap. If you provided a service or sold a good, it doesn’t matter what the person paid. You should never throw this insult around.

You can take your business elsewhere in the future!

You have the option to respond in a kind manner with hopes of winning the person over. You also have the option of telling the consumer to take their business elsewhere. Which response do you think makes the most sense?

You’re a liar and no one believes what you’re saying!

Don’t be so quick to assume that potential customers will side with you. Depending on the dispute, you can make your company look really bad by calling the person a liar. You should never take this approach.


Although you hope that every online review is a positive one, you know that this won’t be the case.

When you finally come across a negative review, never respond with one of the five statements/questions above.

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