If you never talked to anyone, you’d never make any friends, right? Same goes for business owners — especially local service-based businesses such as yourself. Networking is one of the best investments you can provide in order to grow your business.

We’ve compiled a list of a few effective tips for increasing your sphere of influence through networking:


  1. Take every opportunity to meet new people. You never know who you’ll end up talking to. You might end up meeting a local influencer who could help drive a bunch of local business to your company. 
  2. Connect with everyone you know. Who better to get to recommend your business than people you already know? Ask if they know anyone who may need your services. If they like you, they’ll be more than happy to recommend you to others.
  3. Make a networking goal. Find networking events in your area through your local Chamber of Commerce site. Make a goal for how many you want to attend each month and stick to it. Put yourself out there. Meet new people and make new connections.
  4. Listen more than you speak. People love the sound of their own voice. Even if you say very little while the other person talks your ear off, they will remember you as a kind and considerate person they’d want to do business with. 
  5. Focus on building relationships. Almost everyone you meet could be a potential customer. Treat all your associates as a friend; as someone you care about. They will feel a difference, and will remember you when they need the services you specialize in.


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