Repeat customers are important for a business. 

In fact, they are more profitable than new customers. Not only are they easier to sell to, but they end up buying more when they make a purchase.

If one of your top priorities isn’t to get customers to come back time and time again, it’s time to change that. 

But how do you do it? 


We’ve put together a list of top tips to get you started. 

  1. Freebies to Get People On Your Email List

People love freebies. Fact.

Providing free content in exchange for an email address is a win-win situation for you and your customers. Not only do they get a juicy piece of valuable content, but you get access to their inbox too. 

This means you can nurture them via email and continue to promote your products and services. With so much competition out there, keeping yourself front of mind is important if you want to continue to get repeat customers.

Start by figuring out the main pain points your customers have and creating a piece of downloadable content around that. It might be a:

  • Video
  • Ebook
  • Checklist 
  • One-pager
  • Webinar


The most important thing is that it’s useful, free, and can only be accessed if your customers supply an email address. 

Then, once they’re on your email list, you can send nurturing emails that remind them about you and nudge them to make another purchase. Through email you can offer discounts to previous customers, share exclusive deals, and promote your latest releases.


  1. Videos On Product and Landing Pages

Videos work a treat on product pages. 

In fact, 60% of consumers would rather watch a video on a product page than read a description. On top of that, product pages with video convert 80% better than those without

That’s a difficult stat to ignore.  

You don’t have to have a Hollywood-style filming setup to shoot a video. It can be a super simple demonstration of your product, an explainer video of how it works, or a customer talking about their experience with your product. 

Today we have access to so many helpful tools and apps that can make low-budget videos look high-quality. Smartphone cameras are more than fit for purpose, and you can use the in-built editing app on most phones to cut it together. 

When it comes to video, the most important thing to remember is people don’t have a lot of time. The most effective videos are short, snappy, and to the point, usually lasting less than two minutes

  1. Reviews and Testimonials 

Consumers today actively seek out the experiences of their peers before they make a purchase. 95% of buyers read reviews before they buy, which means not incorporating them into your strategy could lose you a ton of custom. 

Reviews also give you an insight into the likes and dislikes of your previous buyers so you can cater to their needs in the future. This means they’re more likely to buy from you again, because you’re showing you understand what they want and are willing to provide it. 

There are plenty of places you can showcase your reviews and testimonials, including:

  • Your homepage
  • Product pages and landing pages
  • At the checkout, just before a customer makes a purchase
  • In nurturing emails 
  • Across your social channels 


  1. An Easy Checkout Process

Your checkout sets the tone for the entire shopping experience. The easier you make it, the more likely customers are to come back for more.

Think about it:

If you landed on a site you didn’t know, put some products in your basket, and went to the checkout only to realize the checkout process was complicated and lengthy, would you go back in the future?

Chances are you wouldn’t. 

On the flipside, if the experience was smooth and pain free, you’re more likely to remember the good experience and go back again. 

There are several ways you can make your checkout a breeze:

  • Don’t make it mandatory for shoppers to make an account. Instead, have an option for them to checkout as a guest 
  • Keep the information they need to provide to a bare minimum and only ask for the essentials 
  • Ensure they are able to see prices in their local currency 
  • Provide reassurance that your checkout is safe and has security measures in place


  1. Upsell at the Point of Sale

Upsells can take a one-time customer to a many-time customer. 

An upsell is essentially where you offer add-ons, extras, or similar products at the checkout stage when someone is deep into the buying process.

At this point, customers basically have their wallet out ready to buy. And, by offering complementary products or additional extras that will enhance the products in their basket, you’re not only providing them with value, but you’re going to get more sales. 

Amazon does a great job of this when it shows consumers what other customers bought in tandem with another product. 

To make the most of upsells, start by:

  • Gathering together a collection of add-on products or extras that go hand-in-hand with your main line of products (for example, if you sell shoes, you might also promote matching handbags at checkout)
  • Offering a discount on another product at the same time 
  • Providing deals on batched groups of products 


Repeat Custom is the Lifeblood of Online Stores

Repeat custom is incredibly important for online stores today. Creating a fanbase of loyal customers means you’ll consistently have sales coming in. These are the people that will keep coming back for more and who will shout about your brand from the rooftops. 

So, if you’re not already, now’s the time to put a strategy in place that targets past buyers and encourages them to come back. 

Author: Scott Miraglia

Scott is the CEO of Elevation Marketing. He is a balanced risk-taker with nearly three decades of experience starting and growing advertising and marketing agencies. His business acumen is matched with a drive to build creative teams that thrive in open, collaborative work environments. Scott seeks out the best creative individuals, not only to provide quality service to clients, but to also help shape the future direction of Elevation Marketing. He remains dedicated to helping his talented teams develop unique and effective integrated marketing programs that help employees realize their full potential while serving up impressive business wins for clients.



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