Social Media Marketing can be tough. You try every social media outlet out there hoping something you post will resonate with your customers and encourage them to use your service. At the end of the day, you feel like you’re just throwing mud against the wall hoping it will stick and soon after give up on your ideas. After all your hard work and effort, you end up with a few pity like and even less phone calls for that great post you came up with. So why bother with social media? And more importantly, how do you create posts that have an impact on your customers?

In order to get follows, likes and +1’s, you have to post content people love. Here are five types of posts everybody loves:

1. Free stuff: Everybody loves free stuff, so run contests and promotions to get people to follow your pages. This is one of the best ways to create buzz for your business.

2. Ask for Opinions: Whether you are asking what shirt you should wear or what car you should buy, everybody loves giving their input. Ask your followers for help with a business idea. For example, a handyman could ask his followers what type of tools they like. This lets his customers know that their feedback is valued and encourages customer engagement.

3. Entertaining: People use social media to have fun and to have a good laugh. Your business page doesn’t always have to be serious. Have some fun and post humorous content occasionally. Let your personality show through.

4. Engaging: In order to get people to engage with your company, they need to see you are responsive. Respond to comments quickly and regularly to let your customers know you care about them.

5. Give Help: Followers of your business are looking to you for expert advice about your specific industry. Offer tips and tricks to show customers you are willing to help them out. This will build loyalty and ensure your customers think of you first when a problem arises.

If you implement these 5 types of posts you will increase your engagement on social media. Remember to be patient and not give up. It takes time to increase your social media presence, but if you stick with your strategy you will see positive results.

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