If you run a business, that business needs to be showing up on Google. Considering that there are over 3.5 billion searches on Google each day, that’s where you need to be. Luckily for business owners, Google is constantly growing and developing, just like you. Because of this, they are always looking to launch new features that will help you out in their Google- My Business platform.


Google My Business has recently released some new features that will help SMBs (like yours) wth local search. Here they are:


Business Descriptions

Businesses are now able to add and edit descriptions of their business, that will show up in the main search window. No longer will potential customers have to click through to your actual Google profile in order to read more about your business and what you do. It is in the best interest of every business owner to add a description to their Google listing, making it possible for people to read more about your strengths. People are trying to get the most information possible, while putting forth the least amount of effort they can to get it, when they’re searching for businesses online. The ability to have your description show right off the bat will go a long way in helping SMBs with local search.


Removal of “Permanently Closed” Businesses

This is huge! Not just for the businesses that are still running, but also for the searchers. Having businesses still showing up on Google’s results page that are permanently closed, takes that spot away from a business that isn’t closed. Meaning, your business could be pushed down in the results, simply so a business listing can show that it is permanently closed. This wasn’t beneficial to searchers or other businesses, as previously stated, so Google removed it. This will help your business show up in local search because Google is weeding out the listings that no longer need to be there, and opening up their ranking position for businesses like yours!


Pending Edits No Longer Visible

Maybe you noticed this one, or maybe you haven’t. Either way, Google used to allow pending edits to show up on business’ listings in the search results. Whether the business made an edit that was still under review by Google, or a visitor suggested an edit that was still under review by the business owner, this was showing up. Of course, the edit or suggestion wasn’t taking place of the information already there, but it was showing up as a pending change. This could be confusing to searchers who aren’t sure what your business does, or what hours you are open, when there are pending edits. Thankfully, Google removed this and pending edits are no longer visible. If you do need to edit something on your business’ Google listing, you still can! That hasn’t changed. Your edits will not be visible until they are approved, from now on.


Access to 18 Months of Data in Dashboard

This is, perhaps, the best part. You, as the business owner, now have access to 18 months of data in your Google dashboard. That’s a large amount of data that Google is now providing to business owners, to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Google listing. Hopefully you’re already taking advantage of the data that Google tracks for you based on search terms, clicks, etc. If not, now is a great time to start because you’re being given access to more data than ever. If you don’t track data, you don’t know what works and what doesn’t for your business. Google has really helped SMBs with local search by giving you a much more real and tested chunk of data to analyze.


Google is the king of the internet, and you should be taking full advantage of all the benefits they offer businesses like yours. Google has the searcher’s best interest in mind, and luckily, that benefits you, too!

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