RedHerring Recognizes 6 Utah Silicon Slopes Companies for National Tech Award

Utah, aka “Silicon Slopes” has a growing community of startup companies and they are starting to get recognized on national scale. As you have probably already heard, last week we found out that we won a spot on the illustrious RedHerring Top 100 list! But we weren’t the only Utah company recognized as a finalist or a winner that day. We were thrilled about the recognition and also wanted to give credit where credit is due to others that topped the chart you may or may not have heard about. Just like RedHerring, we predict they are all stars in the making.

SaltStack— With over 60,000 customers and users, SaltStack “provides a revolutionary approach to infrastructure management that replaces complexity with speed.” SaltStack was created because of the need for high speed data collection and execution. SaltStack’s software is easily moldable to be applied to diverse applications. The software platform is for efficient automation of any cloud, application stack or data center infrastructure. SaltStack has been recognized with many awards and is definitely a unique and awesome start-up from here in Utah.

Solutionreach— Is a software as a service (SaaS) company.  Their cloud-based platform allows businesses to manage and retain connected relationships with their clients. Solutionreach makes it easier for providers to provide personalized communication for each patient. Their software decreases costs and ups efficiency for patient satisfaction.

FreshLime— Obviously we have to brag about ourselves! It’s been a big year for FreshLime!! FreshLime is an automated marketing platform specifically designed for small businesses especially in the home services industry. FreshLime can analyze marketing data to help businesses understand what is working and what’s not. Data is turned into actionable insights that allows you to strategically engage with customers at the right time and recapture lost business.

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AnyChart— Provides visually appealing and easy-to-understand charts for your business compatible with any dashboard on any device. AnyChart is a JavaScript based solution that will enable you to create charts that are interactive and look great. Anyone who deals with analytics, reporting, dashboard, financial or any other statistical data, can benefit from this solution. With 10,000+ customers, AnyChart is growing and showing success in Silicon Slopes.

Consensus— Is a web-based software that accelerates B2B sales. Consensus assists customers in discovering and engaging their buying group by gathering analytics and tracking what they have interacted with, who they shared it with and what’s important to them. That drives a consensus to gain fast and confident decisions.

Client Success— Not surprising that the goal of their company is to provide…Client Success by building relationships that last. Client Success provides customer success leaders with actionable insights, analytics, and practices to manage success throughout the customer lifecycle. They are revolutionizing the way that SaaS companies can manage, retain, grow their customer base, reduce churn and maximize the lifetime value of a customer.

Congratulations to all the Utah-based companies that were recognized last week on a national scale – you deserve it! We are honored to be part of this incredible list of companies in the beautiful Silicon Slopes.

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