Customers are ahead of many businesses when it comes to which platforms they use to interact with businesses. In fact, 66% of consumers have used at least three different communication channels to get in contact with businesses they want to work with. Among the most popular of the communication channels customers are using are text messaging, webchat and social media messaging. 

Most service-based businesses have a wide demographic of customers reaching out to them. From homeowners and renters to apartment/office building managers, everyone is in need of plumbing, HVAC, pest control, etc. services sometimes. Even auto maintenance services are in demand among many people, regardless of their age. Because of the wide age-range of customers, there is a difference in which method of communication they will prefer to use. Businesses today need to be available to their customers when and how the customer wants them to be. Why? Because convenience has become a top priority for consumers and if one business does not offer the level of convenience a customer wants, surely another one will. 

The most important communication methods a business should offer its customers are:

    • Text Messaging: Texting is fast, to the point, and can be done from anywhere.
    • Webchat: Webchat offers immediate responses to customers 24/7.
    • Social Media Messaging: 70% of Americans are active social media users.
    • Online Reviews: Believe it or not, seeking and responding to customer feedback through Facebook and Google reviews is a great method of interacting with customers. 
    • Phone Calls: Of course, some customers are still keen on the good old-fashioned phone call form of communication, though the number of consumers who prefer this method of communication is always decreasing. 

The most important thing is that businesses are in contact with, and easily accessible to their customers. Customer loyalty is formed through strong relationships and convenience. Considering that nearly 70% of consumers have used at least three different communication channels to contact the businesses they work with, businesses should be available for interactions on multiple platforms.

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