So far this year, 70% of consumers have opted in to receive text messages from businesses. Why are consumers willing to receive messages from businesses they frequent? Because they are being asked to! Getting customers on board with regular communication is simpler than many businesses realize. 

Customers work with businesses because they need something from them, right? So why wouldn’t they want to hear from a business when something applies to their needs? Asking customers who work with you to opt in for future engagement makes it easy to build a strong relationship with them to keep them coming back. 

Because over 70% of consumers agree that the way they feel they are being treated by a business determines their overall satisfaction with that company, providing convenience is key. Customers will appreciate your business reaching out to them before they have to reach out to you.

What types of texts do consumers want to receive from the businesses they opt to hear from? 

  • Letting customers know about deals or upcoming special promotions makes them more enticed to use your business for their needs. 
  • Keeping your customers in the loop about changes in your business hours, services or locations helps them feel more connected to your business. 
  • Texting customers regularly with valuable information builds a strong connection that helps to create loyal customers for your business. 

Because 70% of consumers opt in to receive text messages from businesses, there is plenty of room for growing and improving your business through everyone’s favorite form of communication: texting. If you are not already texting your customers to engage with them, let’s get you started today

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