It’s 2021! That is exciting, intimidating, unknown and something we’re all ready for. Businesses have had to get creative over the last year with all of the changes, closures and extra safety measures that have been put in place. Customers have made some changes, too, one of those being that 70% of customers agree that trust in businesses matters more now than ever before. Customers are in high demand now that so many businesses have lost theirs, and consumers are going to be picky. Why? Because they can. 

There are some things small businesses can do to increase their customers’ trust in them, starting with:

  • Regular Engagement: Interacting with customers on a regular basis is the #1 way to gain their trust. Reaching your customers where they are and sending them the right messages are your two best friends when it comes to customer engagement. 
  • Educational Content: You’re the expert. Use your knowledge to teach your customers things that will benefit them, in regards to your industry of expertise. Sending out educational content through email, posting on social media and your company’s blog are the best ways to educate your customers and make them trust that your business is the best one to help them. 
  • Personalized Interactions: Personalize your interactions with customers by knowing the data that encompasses their wants and needs as a customer. Personalizing interactions is more than knowing your customers by name. It means you know their purchasing habits, their most needed products or services that you offer and how consistent they are with scheduling those services. Businesses that personalize their interactions with customers are much more trusted because they are continuously making life easier for their customers. 
  • Consistent Support: This is an obvious one. Consistently be there for your customers on whatever channel they choose to communicate with you. Whether they want to text, email, call, chat through your website or message you on social media, your messaging and communication should be consistent. Supporting your customers means more than just responding to their questions, it means you’re available when they need you to be. 

Small businesses have so many opportunities right now to re-invent any parts of their business that they think needs updating. There is room for growth around every corner in 2021, and businesses should be taking full advantage of the circumstances that are making it possible to get creative and build stronger relationships with their customers. 

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