Millennials make up a large portion of the current demographic in need of purchasing their own goods and services. As a small business owner, you already have a leg-up because millennials love small business. It’s true, millennials are all about small business, and here’s why:

They Love to Shop Local

The younger generation loves to shop local. Millennials fit perfectly in the category of those who are all about supporting local businesses. They are big believers in having things customized and personable. You are much more likely to find a millennial shopping at a small, local book store than at a Barnes & Noble. Since you own a local business, you are in a perfect spot to make them a loyal customer of yours!

They Love Casual Atmospheres and Personalization

Going right along with their love to shop local, millennials love to be surrounded by a casual atmosphere with a personal feel. They grew up in a generation of booming technology advances, and being always surrounded by news, computers, phones, etc. Of course, a millennial loves their smartphone, but because of the lack of casual and personal when it comes to technology, they love a business where they can feel just that. There’s a reason you can always find millennials hanging out in a small coffee shop or diner, and they’re probably a regular there! Your small business gets you closer and closer to winning their business, by being casual and personal.

They want to be small business owners

Millennials are the largest group of wanna-be entrepreneurs. This is another reason they love small business so much— they want to own one! You, as a business owner, are setting a great example to them just by running your business. Being unique and personable about it will win you even more brownie points with the millennial crowd!

Now that we know how much millennials love small business, how can you ensure that they choose yours when they’re in need of a product or service?

Be Present on Social

It’s a common stereotype that millennials spend too much time on social media. For most millennials, that is true! Take advantage of how much time millennials spend on social media, and be present there. Create business pages and profiles on as many social media platforms as possible, and keep them updated. Respond to questions and comments that you receive on your business’ Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram profiles. This is a major way to get through to millennials in the language they understand best!

Embrace a Cause

Millennials are also well-known for their love of nonprofit organizations. Whether it’s regarding human or animal rights or well-being, you will find a large group of millennials supporting causes they deem worthy. Many businesses are realizing this and finding a cause they want to support. Embracing a cause and donating to it, or helping out in some way will help you stand out to millennials in a positive light. Not only that, you’ll also be making a difference!

Be Different & Unique

Millennials love to stand out. They strive to be different and unique, so focusing your business on these traits will really stand out to millennials. When creating your marketing plans, keep the message unique and strive to stand out. One method of messaging that is proven effective with millennials is humor. If you keep your collateral funny and entertaining, it will stand out and also keep the attention of your audience.

Offer Discounts

Millennials, like most everyone else, love to save money. If you are running a special or you have discounts to offer, be sure they know about it. Posting coupons on your social media pages, or sending out offers via email or text messages will keep the millennial crowd interested in your business, over your competitors.


It’s true that millennials love to be given attention. They are also the generation most in-touch with technology and attached to their smartphones. When you engage with your millennial customers through text messages or emails, you are much more likely to keep them coming back. Your messages can include a deal or discount, or it can simply be a reminder about your products/services, or even an update on your business. Engaging with your customers is always a great way to keep them loyal, especially if they are millennials.

These tips will keep millennials coming back, and get them to love your small business! Don’t be afraid to branch out with your marketing and messaging, and don’t forget to engage.

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