It’s hard to ignore a statistic like this one: 82% of consumers consider an immediate response from a business or sales representative to be very important. It sounds like a huge job to be available to respond immediately to your customers or potential customers, but it really doesn’t have to be. 

Thanks to modern technology and innovation, there are many ways to ensure that you are meeting the needs of your customers – including immediately responding to them:

  • QR codes that lead to text conversations: Immediate responses are easy when all your customer has to do is scan a code and they are directed to an open text conversation with you. When you are out knocking doors, it’s easier to respond to a quick text than it is to take a phone call, so this is a win/win.
  • Webchat features: Another great place to send customers through a QR code is to a webchat feature. Especially if you have team members or a bot on the other end who are ready to answer questions or set up appointments. Webchat is a quick and simple way to have conversations that can be done in just a few messages.
  • Lead collection and customer information storage: Storing leads and customer information is obviously one of the biggest pieces of the sales puzzle. But what happens next is also a game changer. Being able to respond quickly to customers and knowing exactly who you are talking to when you do makes your customer service even stronger. Everyone loves personalization from the businesses and representatives they work with, so stay a step ahead of the competition with your responses. 

Because so many consumers want an immediate response from a sales representative, it’s crucial to keep up with the technology that allows for such response times. When sales reps make convenience a priority for their customers, they are much more likely to create lasting relationships and business partnerships with them. 

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