Over 90% of consumers say they are more likely to work with businesses that appreciate their customers. With statistics like that, there’s really no ignoring the inevitable– businesses need to be showing appreciation for their customers. There are countless ways to show customers that you appreciate them, and to make them feel valued by your business. 

Do you show your customers that you appreciate them? Answer these questions to find out how you’re doing, and if there’s some room for improvement:

  1. Do you have a loyalty program in place so loyal customers can earn points and rewards?
  2. Do you thank customers through text, email or other means after each and every visit?
  3. Do you take time to listen and learn from customer feedback? Pay close attention to the good and the bad they’re saying.
  4. Are your customers confident that you know them by name, and they’re more than just a number to your business?
  5. Does your business get involved in the community and/or local charities?
  6. Have you ever sent a handwritten thank you letter or holiday card to any of your loyal customers?
  7. Do you know, understand and implement your data when working with customers? Transaction data, buying habits and personal customer information.

You don’t have to answer ‘yes’ to all of these questions to show customers that you appreciate them. However, if you found that you answered ‘no’ to all or most of them, it may be time to gather some customer appreciation ideas, and show your loyal customers how much you care this holiday season.

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