About FreshLime

Connecting Local Businesses with Customers is in our DNA.

Today’s modern customer demands a different level of connection than ever before. FreshLime makes it easy for you to connect with your customers at every step of their journey–starting with the first impression and continuing with a loyal relationship.


It all started because of a plumber.

FreshLime started as a way to help Jay Bean’s long-time plumber and friend Phil, who during a service call, asked for advice on how to get his customers to come back more regularly.

Phil had a huge book of business in his local area, yet struggled to know what kind of messaging to send them to incentivize them to return. Were texts too much? Did anyone really open emails from plumbers? And what about Google searches–how could Phil ensure his company was searchable?

With nearly 20 years of experience building customer connection technology solutions for local business, Jay had a lot of advice to give and realized that Phil probably wasn’t the only business owner struggling to connect with new and existing customers.

He decided to develop a valuable solution that would get Phil connected instantly with his customers when they needed a plumber, and the FreshLime Customer Connection Platform was born.

Connecting the dots for local, service-based small businesses.

FreshLime’s focus is connecting you to your customers because, as we strongly believe, “whoever gets closest to the customer wins.”

We accomplish this simple yet complex feat by making you available to searching customers 24/7/365 through real-time messaging and optimizing your online presence so you never miss another customer opportunity. Once we get customers through your door, we empower your team with a solution that sends your customers automated review requests to boost your online reviews, and ongoing personalized texts and emails to drive them back in for repeat business.

Essentially, we connect you to new customers and keep them coming back, so you can focus your time on strengthening your core business.

It’s Customer Connection magic at your fingertips.

FreshLime clients connect with their customers more efficiently and with the right message at the moment they are ready to buy.




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