We connect the dots for small businesses

At FreshLime we believe there is a better way for small businesses to get connected and stay engaged with customers. Our team has been helping businesses become digitally relevant for the past 20 years, and we remain passionate about helping businesses succeed online. FreshLime is a Customer Engagement Platform that automatically connects businesses to customers at the right time, with the right message. We also believe that the best customer relationships are earned, not purchased. We’re here for you at every step of the way.

Meet Jay, the small business marketing thought leader

Our Co-founder, Jay Bean, has created two successful search engine marketing companies. He noticed that his clients were frustrated by the high cost of new customer acquisition, and they struggled to build loyalty and retention programs on their own.

We believe in simple

Many small business clients expressed that they were tired of trying to learn and implement complicated CRM’s, email and marketing platforms. What they really needed was help taking care of their biggest asset – their current customers!

Customers rejoice

We discovered that by using data and information that businesses already have, we could help businesses RE-ENGAGE with their past customers with little effort and at the time they are ready to purchase. Now you don’t have to write any emails or spend countless hours on your own learning complicated systems. Our expert team and powerful platform will do this for you.

Smile bigger

Most marketing platforms will give you complicated formulas to try and calculate your return on investment. We give you simple numbers and show a return on investment that will make you smile. With FreshLime reporting, you can see exactly how many customers returned and how much money you made. On average, we help drive 35% increase in repeat business. 🙂