Communication & retention marketing is in our DNA.

Today’s digital world wasn’t made for local businesses. We changed that. Learn about the great people that made it happen at FreshLime.

Connecting the dots for local, service-based businesses.

FreshLime was founded by a team that has spent the past 20 years solving the most complex marketing challenges faced by most small businesses.

Today, we are bridging the gap between businesses and a growing consumer base that lives in a mobile-first, messaging-based world.

At the heart of our Customer Connection Platform is messaging. Using automated, data-driven chatbots on your website, FreshLime can answer FAQs and collect lead information at lightning-fast speeds—all with the purpose of creating an experience that will delight your customers.

What we’ve built and where we’re heading.

Most consumers today—both young and old—prefer to use messaging as their primary mode of communication.

We’ve built the first customer messaging platform that provides businesses with a seamless connection with customers across all digital messaging options—from email, to text, to other mobile messaging options.

All this is powered by the only customer connection platform designed for small businesses.

This isn’t traditional marketing. 
This is data-driven customer engagement.

Partner with someone who thinks like you.

Local, service-based businesses require lots of hard work to earn repeat business, yet they depend upon it almost entirely to drive profitability. That’s our jam.

Gain the data needed to drive action.

We’ve built an incredibly powerful platform that provides locally focused businesses with a simple dashboard to drive communication.

Say hello to current & future customers.

Put simply, our platform enables SMBs to easily and intelligently connect with customers at every stage of their journey, no matter where they are in the funnel.

Effortlessly grow your business.

Whether you’re out of the office, asleep at night, or away from your phone, you can effortlessly connect with current and future customers using FreshLime.

FreshLime clients interact with their customers more efficiently, creating data-driven touch points that boost customer loyalty.





Join our rapidly growing team.

We’re excited about adding people to our team who are awesome, innovative, hardworking and ready to be a part of something huge.


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