FreshLime is a team of talented people who love helping small businesses grow.

We asked our team to share what they like the most about working here. Here is what they said:

“I am here to help our clients grow”

“I believe in the products, the Company, and the founders.”

“I believe that we make small businesses successful and make it easier to help them run their businesses. I love that. I have owned businesses myself and finding solutions that ACTUALLY work is very rare and valued. I love being part of this.”

“I believe in our product, our core values and our leadership. I honestly can say I love my job, being able to grow a company is this most rewarding feeling.”

“I love the people that work here. I believe that what we do makes a real difference for small businesses and the work challenges me!”

“I believe in solving problems, building solutions, and empowering others to do the same.”

What attributes best describe FreshLime?

Innovative – we have the best technology to help small businesses grow, hands down.

Progressive – It’s a growing technology. It’s evolving at the pace of our clients’ business needs

Caring – we care about our customers success and we care about our team.
Listen – we listen to feedback from customers and improve.

Problem Solvers – we solve a HUGE problem that most business owners don’t even know they have.

Scalable – The FreshLime brand and product line is suited for all budget types, and business sizes.

FreshLime Core Values

The principles that matter the most to us.

We Love Local Businesses

Small businesses fuel the economy. We are here to help them be wildly successful.

We Love What we do

We’re building this for businesses. We are professionals, just like our customers.

We believe in open and honest communication

Be real. Be kind. Give back.

We question the status quo

Doing the same thing is boring. We keep it interesting all the time.

We love who we work with

We’re here to build something great with amazing people – we can be serious but have a ton of fun while we’re here.

We focus on results that matter

Set goals. Make an impact. Work hard. Add value.  

We take action

Do good work every day.