Artificial intelligence (AI) sounds a bit robotic and futuristic sometimes. The truth is, however, whether we realize it or not, over 85% of Americans are already using AI in one way or another. 

AI plays a huge role in today’s interactions between a business and its customers. Learning and collecting data behind the scenes is absolutely necessary for strong interactions with customers. Business owners can’t be expected to know everything about each individual customer’s contact information, transaction data and buying habits… but artificial intelligence can. 

AI can serve every business, from small-out of your home offices to huge billion-dollar corporations, and everywhere in between. The one thing all of these businesses have in common is the need for loyal and satisfied customers. So, what is the role of AI in small business customer interactions? 

Collecting and Understanding Data

Data collection is one thing. Understanding and knowing how to make the most of your business data is a whole different beast. Artificial intelligence makes sense of all the data that is gathered after each and every interaction with your customers, in order to help your business make the best choices moving forward. Knowing your data is knowing your customers, and that goes a long way in today’s contactless, technology-driven world. 

Behind-the-Scenes Busy Work

AI handles all of the time-consuming, mundane tasks that every business has going on behind-the-scenes. This frees up your time so you can use skills that machines don’t have like creativity, problem solving and of course, your plumbing, HVAC, auto repair, etc expertise. AI naturally changes with the times, and in a world where things are so unpredictable, it never hurts for a business to have some extra support. 


Automation is quick, effective and much more reliable than a person when it comes to interacting with customers. Automating your customer interactions means that your customers are being engaged even when you’re too busy for a lunch break. Automation means that your business is creating loyal customers while you’re out on another job. AI is the driving force behind successful customer interactions and automated interactions. Businesses today can’t survive without the right messaging to the right customers, and AI is what makes this process automated, easy and realistic for business owners to excel at, while still being the expert in their industry. 

Strong customer interactions are the backbone of any successful business. The best way to increase customer interaction and customer loyalty is through the use of AI in your business– and it’s more common and accessible than you might think. Let one of FreshLime’s experts walk you through what AI can do for your business in 2021. 

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