Businesses have been forced to adjust their different ways of operating due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. There have been several adoptions of new business procedures, including where and how a transaction is made. As a result, consumers are left wondering where the business stands amongst all the changes. Now more than ever businesses must be ready for their customers to come back through their doors. 

Understand Your Customers’ Concerns

It’s important to acknowledge the different concerns your customers may have when interacting with your business. Without knowing your customers’ concerns, you risk not being able to meet their requirements with returning to your business. By simply conducting a poll or survey on social media, you can gather helpful insights on what your customers are expecting from your business when your doors open again. This also shows your customers your concerns for their safety, and your willingness to adapt to their requests. 

Another simple yet effective way of gathering your customers’ feedback on returning to your business is by emailing them. By requesting feedback via email, you are gathering helpful consumer suggestions as well as creating brand awareness. 

Keep Your Customers Updated 

Questions on whether or not a business is still operating have been a trending concern for consumers. Your online listings serve as your online storefront, and it’s important to keep your business information up to date with accurate information according to local guidelines. This includes updating your business hours on all of your online directories, as well as posting updates and announcements on your social media accounts. If your online business information is inaccurate or not properly updated, this will severely affect the chances of your customers coming back to your business. 

With Freshlime’s Knowledge Assistant you’re able to update all of your online directories by texting in the updates you would like to make. This makes it convenient for businesses to keep their customers informed with accurate information across all of their online directories. 

Adjust to The New Normal 

Our year right now looks very different from how it started, or from how we all planned it out to be. The “new normal” is ever-changing, and it’s important to keep up with the new demands of our current circumstances. Now more than ever online visibility and accuracy matters – this is what consumers are relying on when searching for your business online. You want to keep your customers’ confidence in your business, and that just requires additional adjustments to meet their needs. Businesses across the world are facing similar challenges, and it’s crucial for your business to be properly equipped when your customers are ready to come back to you.


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