The summer months are the most successful for door-to-door (D2D) sales reps, and we’re right in the perfect spot for turning knocks on doors into sales. Chances are you have already been hard at work closing deals this summer, but have you and the reps you work with implemented a plan for reaching those homeowners who are not opening their doors? 

There are plenty of reasons why someone might not open their door when someone is knocking on the other side, such as:

    • Working from home: The homeowner might be on a phone call for work and are unable to answer their door.
    • Occupied with other responsibilities: Maybe they have young children and they are too busy to come to the door.
    • Weary of salespeople: Over 20 million homes in the United States utilize doorbell cameras, and because people don’t know what is being sold, they won’t open the door for a salesperson. 
    • Nobody is home: Maybe the reason a homeowner doesn’t answer the door is as simple as them not being home to open up. 

Whatever the reason for someone not answering your knocks, the solution is simple: QR codes. Because the use of QR codes has increased so dramatically over the past few years, so have the ways to use them for success in sales. Coupled with quick response times, the convenience of QR codes is making a huge difference for salespeople everywhere:

  • Over 95% of consumers say that convenience is among the most important factors for them when choosing a business to work with (or a sales rep to purchase from). What could be more convenient than scanning a QR code and automatically being redirected to a text conversation or webpage full of useful information?
  • Sales are lost because of homeowners who are not answering their doors. This problem could be easily solved by leaving behind a piece of collateral that is useful, informative and leads to a quick and easy way to reach the rep with questions. 

When considering the question of whether or not QR codes should be used in your sales strategy to up your game, don’t forget how valuable QR codes have become to businesses and consumers everywhere, and how simple it is to add such a useful tool to your process. 


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