It’s been a couple of weeks since I last answered a question for my “Ask Amanda” portion of our blog! We’ve had some great questions coming in, so I’m excited to get to them and get you some answers.

This week, I received a question from Alex in New York City, NY. His question is:

“I own a small flower shop in a big city. It can be hard to get people to come here even on the holidays because of all the competition. I’ve tried running sales and specials specific to holidays where flowers are in high demand, but it hasn’t seemed to make much of a difference. I hope this isn’t just because I’m in a big place with lots of competitors. Is there a good way to get the word out without breaking the bank?”

I love Alex’s question, because it’s so familiar to many business owners. Unfortunately, no matter where you are, big or small, there will be competition and it can be really hard to keep up. Running sales and specials around holidays or a specific time of year that you know could be booming for your business is an excellent idea. But how can you get the word out and make sure more people are hearing about what your business is doing to help them get the flowers they need on a budget? Here are some of my best ideas:

Display Your Special

I’m sure you’re already doing this with some sort of window sign, or advertisement in front of your shop. If not, this is your first step! People walking by can be some of your most random, but most important business. Foot traffic goes a long way for businesses who have their own brick-and-mortar shop, like you do. If you’re already displaying your specials on a window or our from of your shop, keep it up! Try making them stand out a bit more by adding bright colors, large letters and highlighting the lowered price. If you’re not already doing this, get started! It will really make a difference.

Let Your Social Followers Know

Social media is a very powerful tool for business owners. If you’re not utilizing it every time you have a special or you’re running a sale for a holiday, you need to start! Post on your social pages all about the special so all of your followers can be informed and ready to use your business as their means for getting flowers on a big day. Don’t be afraid to tempt them to share your special by offering some sort of giveaway for each person who shares it on their own social page. Maybe you can offer an additional $3 off their purchase when they show you they’ve shared your ad on social media. Trust me, social media is powerful and every business owner should be taking advantage of its perks!

Keep Your Loyal Customers In the Loop

Whether you want to send out an email or text to the customers who have already visited you in the past, now is the perfect time to do that! Send your customers a message letting them know about the special. Especially around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.  Those are big days for flowers, and many people are looking for the best price. Don’t lose customers you’ve already worked to gain in the past because you missed out on letting them know about your deals. Be sure to send them a quick message letting them know that you wanted them to be aware of your special so they could get the best deal possible. It will be beneficial to you!

Unfortunately, there will always be competition for business owners and especially in New York City. However, using these tools will make a big difference when it comes time to get the word out about something specific for your business. Make yourself stand out!