I got a question this week that I’m really excited about. I love to hear about small business owners reaching out to, and engaging with their customers. This is because I know how effective and beneficial it is to business growth. Here’s the question I’m referring to:


“My name is Jentry and I am a salon owner in downtown Portland, OR. I have been following your blog and reading about the importance of engaging with your customers. I understand the stats behind it and why it’s so important, but how do I know when it’s too much? Or even what is enough? I never know how often I should be engaging with my customers. Any advice?”


This is a great question because so many business owners recognize the value of engagement, but aren’t sure the details like- how often and when you should be engaging. Here are some tips and tricks that I have in mind for your to use, in order to get those engagements going at the perfect time:


Notify Your Customers of Specials & Discounts:

If you have a current special or discount you’re running, send a quick email blast or text message out to your customers letting them know about the great deal. You’re doing them a favor, and it keeps you on their mind. If you’re just notifying your customers of great deals, you won’t be being pesky to them or contacting them too frequently.


Notify Your Customers of Important Business Information:

If you recently switched management, or changed locations, make sure your customers are aware. Don’t let them show up to your business after hours if your hours changed, or drive to the wrong location. Remember, if your contact information changed at all, that is vital for your customers to know. You will lose business quickly if you can’t keep them informed. Don’t let miscommunication, or lack thereof, be your reason for losing business this year.


Don’t Overdo It:

It’s true that when you’re communicating with customers, you want to be sure you’re not overdoing it. If they are being contacted too frequently, or about silly things, they will quickly lose interest in your business. Be sure you are only contacting them monthly, or quarterly, when important information needs to be shared. If you have a special coming up a week after your email blast is sent out, include it in the email and let them know the starting date, so you don’t have to send out another so soon after.


Happy Engaging!
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