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FreshLime creates loyal customers for your auto shop, so you can focus on your work and watch as your car count and average ticket price increase.

Data-driven communication.

Consumers today crave instant, personalized connection- especially when it comes to their cars. They want to be heard and understood now by the mechanics who are working on one of their most valuable possessions.

Unfortunately, automotive repair business owners are busy wearing so many different hats that they just can’t accomplish everything they set out to do. As a result, customer relationships and customer experience often suffer.

FreshLime’s customer connection platform puts the customer back at the center of your business—empowering your customers to engage with you about their vehicle, through personalized interactions on the channels, platforms, and devices they prefer.

People stress about car troubles everyday. FreshLime makes your customer’s life easier by allowing them instant access to your business.

Give your customers the green light.

Our modern customer connection platform effectively integrates with most POS/CRMs that automotive businesses utilize.

The best part, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you and ensure that the integration is seamless and stress-free for you.

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Atomic Motors Classic Car Restoration & Sales

As a business owner, there are so many details to take care of and a lot of the on-line “gardening” that needs to be done wasn’t getting taken care of. It was enough just to keep up with inventories and changes to our own website let alone worry about listings, hours, ratings, services, and on and on. I was overwhelmed and feeling very guilty about continually putting things off. Then FreshLime came on the scene and THANK YOU!!! I can’t tell you how much peace of mind I have now that this is being taken care of for me. You guys ROCK!



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