Are you having trouble getting your social pages to work for you? It’s very common for busy business owners to let their social media sit on the back-burner far too long. Social media is a very valuable tool for your business, and best of all, it’s free. So what do you need to do in order to be successful on social media?

Make Goals

The first step to becoming a successful social media marketer, is knowing what your goals are for your social media pages and campaigns. Are you hoping to gain more followers? Post every week? Get a certain amount of likes or shares on your content? No matter what your goals for social media might be, the first step is establishing some. You will be better able to create a positive social media page for your business and get what you want out of it, when you start with a set of goals to aim for. If you don’t already have goals for your social media marketing, get started on that first!

Create Brand Awareness

This is a big one. When you want to be recognized online and offline as the awesome business you are, you first need to have established some brand-awareness. What better place to do this than on your social media pages? Make sure your logo is the same across all of your social pages. People need to recognize that before they will recognize any other similarities. Another thing to focus on streamlining is the voice of your content. If you like to use humor, that’s great! Make sure you always write with the same voice and create a, sort of, personality for your business online. Let people recognize you through the content you are putting online.
Cater to Your Followers

When you want to keep your followers and gain more, you need to be catering your content to them specifically. If you run a business whose customers are mostly 40+ year old men, then you want your content and page to target that group of people. If your followers on social media are typically millennials, or females, or any other group of people, it’s your job to cater your content to them and keep them interested. The people who are following you are the same people who are keeping you in business. This is a good thing to notice for all aspects of your marketing, not just on social media.

Keep it Updated

People don’t want to follow a business’ page that never has updated content, or the wrong phone number or address. If you change your business hours, be sure your social pages reflect that. If you are running a special or some sort of promotion for your followers, post about it on your social pages. Keeping these updated will not only help with keeping your followers around and gaining new ones, but also with your rankings online!

Being a successful social media marketer means that you know your audience and you are able to reach them in order to help your business grow and retain customers. Focus on keeping your social pages streamlined and up-to-date and you will be in a good place!

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