I have started 2 small businesses in my career (so far – I kind of have entrepreneurial blood). Each one had a huge learning curve and I discovered so many lessons along the
way I never even knew I needed to learn. One of the biggest and most important? Marketing my business. Honestly, I didn’t think I would have a problem with marketing my small
business. I had been in the business world for years and had built successful local branches from the ground up. I had a social media viral success under my belt, and I
worked with some awesome people that knew what they were doing a lot more than I did.

So what was the huge learning lesson about marketing? It was freaking hard. It was hard to figure out how to make organic marketing on social work – I had no idea how much to
spend and where to get a return – I wasn’t sure which part of what we did online was really making a difference. The only thing I could tell for sure was that I had spent a
heck of a lot of money on Facebook advertising and I had a TON of fans to show for it but no sales.

I learned A LOT along the way and I feel like I’ve gotten two master’s now in small business marketing, but it came at a huge cost of time and mistakes in advertising spend.
Fast forward to FreshLime and why I’ve decided to join the cause of what we are simply calling “Better Marketing for Local Small Business”. I’ve known Jay Bean, Founder & CEO
of FreshLime for years. I’ve always admired him because he has a great eye for opportunity, but even more than that, opportunity that actually helps it’s target market.

There are a lot of marketing services out there to help local and small businesses and trust me I’ve used probably close to a hundred of them over the years. Many of them are
awesome – but too many of them are capitalizing on one aspect of the marketing funnel that small businesses need and they are expensive. They may solve those problems but
they leave you with trying to figure the rest of it out on your own. The cost to acquire a new customer becomes a little ridiculous if you want to be profitable.

FreshLime is different. FreshLime takes customer data and your marketing efforts and ties it all together, creating intelligent data insights that help local business owners
connect with their customers the right way at the right time. The analytics they provide predict exactly when a customer will want to re-engage and reminds you to engage with
them so you can focus on your core business without missing out on business or losing customers to more diligent competition. It’s one of the best tools for small business
I’ve seen – which is why I jumped on board. While small business has so much working against them, I want to be part of something great that is helping them succeed.

So we hope you will join our movement – “Better Marketing for Local Small Business”. Even if you aren’t ready to join the ranks just yet we will be putting out some killer
articles to help you figure out the world of marketing. Follow along with our blog, and across social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, etc.