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Fresh Marketing Tips for Small Business

Avoiding Negative Reviews Online

All business owners know the value of having positive reviews about your business online. Just as important as having those positive reviews, is making sure you are avoiding gaining negative reviews on those same online profiles. People want to be heard when they are...

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Social Media Contest Tips

Running contests is a great way to increase your social media following. However, it can be frustrating to make a contest and not have anyone participate. Use these tips to create a contest that will get many participants.   Choose A Contest Type - Not all contests...

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17 Ways to Market Your Business in 2017

The game of marketing your small business changes every year. SEO rules change, online marketing options improve, consumer behavior adjusts to new ways of doing business. But some marketing principles remain the same - especially when it comes to small business...

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The best sales lesson I ever learned

When I first graduated college I had no clue what I wanted to be when I grew up. It’s kind of funny - you spend a truckload of money on a college education and you leave only equipped to be more independent with a false sense of security on what that new life will...

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Using the News to Grow Your Business

When you’re a business owner, you’re always looking for ideas and ways to make life a little easier and less stressful. You wonder how local, national, and media news might pertain to your business and be something that you can use to make life easier… Here’s how! Use...

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