How to Boost Leads With Social Engagement

You already know how important social media is in your small business success, so the question is how to make the most of social media engagement and boost your leads in the process? There are a variety of ways to do it and we’re covering a few of the best.

Automated Messages
Platforms like Twitter and Facebook have tools and some third party apps that allow for you to schedule your tweets and posts in advance. Make your engagement constant, schedule posts for before and after business hours when people are most active online. Watch your analytics and make note of which posts are getting the most play and use that to figure out when and what to post. Make sure the messages are targeted and personalized, you can even make up different lists for different groups of people and narrow things down even further.

Online Contests
Contests are a great way to boost customer engagement and will generate a hefty amount of leads by simply offering a free service or other prize as a reward. Basic contest requirements can include “liking” your page or following your business on whatever platform you are hosting the contest on, entry rules can be tailored to your specification. You can also gather emails and other relevant information as part of your contest requirements. Each contest typically runs for a limited amount of time and boosts traffic and potential leads considerably. Make it a priority to schedule a few contests into your editorial calendar.

Target Opinions
Often it’s as simple as asking your audience for their opinion or input on a particular subject. For example, what type of vacuum they like best and why, or how often they switch out their furnace filter? People love to express opinions and will jump at the chance. Use those opinions and topics to create some quality, targeted content and you are well on your way to winning over new customers in the process.

User Generated Content
Sometimes this can be as simple as re-tweeting a happy customer, posting a screenshot of a post or positive review (with permission), or even re-posting photos taken by satisfied customers (freshly cleaned carpets, new duct work, etc.). Your followers provide the content, you’re simply putting it back out there for others to see and appreciate. User generated content is also a great way to increase sharing and engagement. When you recognize and connect with your customers on a personal level you validate their experience and make them want to share those experiences with others. These shared experiences act as personal referrals and go a long way when it comes to gathering leads and recruiting new business.

Custom Redirects
Allow you to track the links you post on your various platforms. Use them to find out which links your followers are clicking and use that data to inform and influence your future content. You can also use that information to narrow your focus and target specific groups with information they’ve already demonstrated an interest in. Think of custom redirects as a study of interests, and then use those interests to your advantage.

Leads are generated from quality engagement and positive interactions. Do your best to provide both of those things throughout your social media efforts and you will likely see an increase in business because of it.

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