Carl Berry was previously the director of NAIAS Security Services, and now he’s the owner. Carl has been involved in security, police work and the Air Force for 60 years. 2020 was a year to remember- for Carl especially, because that’s when he purchased NAIAS Security Services. He told us that even though 2020 brought some challenges, “The people I have working for me are nothing but the best.” Among those employees are LeAnn, who has been with the company since 2018, and is the executive assistant, and Stacey, who is the controller for NAIAS and has been working there for three years. 

Rolling with the Punches

NAIAS Security Services offers an array of security services, including: executive protection, event security, stationary security for companies in their area, community security and patrol work. Carl explained it best when he said, “There’s not much in security that we don’t do.”

NAIAS Security Services goes out of their way to ensure their clients are happy by always offering a follow-up. Because of COVID-19, events have diminished and the need for security at events, at this point, is not as in-demand as it once was. Luckily, Carl was able to adjust his business accordingly when he took over, and now NAIAS Security Services focuses a lot on patrols and stand-alone security positions. They have also added to their service offerings. Offering investigation services and fingerprinting services are among those new offerings. 

Convenience Overrides Price

NAIAS Security Services wastes no time getting issues resolved for their customers, Carl says, “Just this weekend I sent the operations manager out on a Sunday. He sat down with the client, figured out what the problem was and got it fixed.” Carl is motivated to make his business as convenient to work with as possible by the people he works with and their clients they work for. Carl told us, “It’s the people I work with. They are of the utmost importance to me. We have a very good team here who will get the job done and that’s what keeps me motivated.” Consumers appreciate working with NAIAS Security Services because they know that the job will get done and it will be done well. 

Taking Risks and Building Dreams

Carl has been going on motorcycle rides around the world since 1954. He used to ride with the gentleman that was the head of Harley Davidson. He was offered a franchise and decided to dive right in. Carl built a Harley Davidson store from the ground up. “I like doing things from the ground up,” he said. He ran his store until 2000, when he decided to get back into the security business. Going into the retail industry with no experience at all was a big risk, and now he may be buying another motorcycle store in the future. 

The future of NAIAS Security Services

Carl’s hopes for the future are based around his employees. He said, “I want my employees, the people I work with, to be successful. I want them to continue to be part of the company.” Stacey says that Carl tells them all the time that they are a big part of the future of the company, “He definitely takes our opinions into account when making decisions.” Carl understands that technology plays a big role in people’s lives, including consumers. This is why NAIAS Security Services partners with FreshLime to ensure their digital footprint is one to be proud of, and that they are able to connect with customers on the customer’s terms. “We’re building to the future; not living in the past. However the client wants to contact us, we’ll figure it out and get it done. It is absolutely of high importance that we keep in regular contact going back and forth.” 

You can learn more about NAIAS Security Services and connect with them through their website, and through their Facebook page. 

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