Many individuals aim for success and have the desire to improve different aspects in their life. What some don’t realize is that their success can be determined with what they chose to accomplish in the first few hours of their day. What you do when you first wake up sets a certain tone and the mindset. The following are some of the many habits that are important to obtain to insure success in your life:

Wake up Early This may be the hardest habit to obtain for most people but it also happens to be the most important. When you’re able to get up early in the morning, you’re allowing yourself to do everything else that is on this list – which are all very beneficial! It allows you to get a head start and be prepared for everything that may come your way. Being prepared and having an assertive mindset will allow you to control how your day will go (for the most part) and allow you to check all those things off your “to-do” list.

Exercise If you’ve ever been able to convince yourself to get up early and go to the gym, you should’ve noticed something interesting. Most of the people who are at the gym in the early morning -I’m talking 7am and earlier – are usually very successful individuals. I know this because I’ve met them. It may seem like a coincidence, but it’s not, and there’s a reason for it! For many, this time at the gym helps not only start their day right, but also alleviate stress, have time to make decisions, and push themselves. These individuals know the importance of always improving. They know that when they are at their best, they are then able to perform at their best… Which usually means bringing in more money.

Eat Well Thinking clearly and having enough energy depends mainly on what you’re fueling your body. When you are intaking fresh veggies and fruit along with good proteins, fats, and carbs all while staying away from that processed foods, you’ll notice something amazing!  You will notice a huge change in your thoughts, actions, and what you are able to do. You will also be feeling more confident and accomplished when your body begins to transform.

Meditate/Pray After a nice workout a great habit to get into is to mediate and work on your breathing. This allows you to visualize what you want accomplish for the day. This also allows you to be present and allow your body to relax. Giving gratitude is also a huge health benefit. Many can do this through prayer,written in a  journal, or verbally sharing with another. This healthy habit will help change the way you think and feel.

Create Goals Creating goals right when you get up helps give your day direction and purpose. It makes getting up and working hard a little bit easier and it helps cultivate motivation. The goals you write down could be obtaining to your attitude, diet, fitness, and/or work. Anything that you want to improve or accomplish should be written down! After writing them down, make a commitment to try and accomplish each and every one of them.