Let’s just start by saying that not every company is going to need to use snapchat, BUT if you’re targeting a younger audience or technology savvy people, you’ll want to keep reading.

Snapchat is used daily by over 100 million users! Snapchat is primarily used by middle schoolers through college aged students and it is quickly being adopted by parents that want to be hip and even some grandparents (!?!).  

So How Does it Work?

Snapchat enables users to take either picture or videos for up to 10 seconds.  There are features to be able to doodle on the screen, add fun filters and captions. Under the Discover tab companies like BuzzFeed and ESPN have daily updates with news and fun articles.

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The platform is free which makes it a perfect marketing tool. Create a fun account name for your business and start snapping.

What Should I post on SnapChat?

People love to see behind-the-scenes of companies they love. Posting a fun story of your company lunch or a funny thing happening inside your business, is always a good idea. Letting people catch a glimpse of what your company is all about creates a sense of loyalty. Customers like to feel included and they never want to miss out on a thing.

Give customers a sneak peek of new products and services. Offer discounts and prizes to customers who follow your snaps. Let customers see what big events your business has coming up and what events you’re going to be involved in.

Create a tutorial on something in your area of expertise and show it within your snap story. How-To videos using your products are very valuable as well.

Who should I follow on SnapChat to get more ideas?




These are just a few amongst the millions, but they are great examples of ways that businesses are using snapchat and getting great engagement out of it.

Similar Apps to Snapchat

Instagram just released a product called Instagram Stories that is similar to the format of Snapchat and can be used in conjunction with the same Instagram profile but without lasting permanently. While there are pros and cons, it’s too early to tell if there will be a clear winner and many prominent Instagram and Snapchat users are trying both to see what sticks.

Give snapchat a try.  Advertise around your business with your SnapChat name.  Post it on social media and offer a discount or prize to those who follow you. And don’t forget to follow us too!! @FreshLimeInc


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