If you’re in the field sales business, then you know that things are constantly changing. You have to be flexible in order to keep up with the competition and meet your customers’ needs.

There are so many things salespeople can do even if a potential customer doesn’t answer the door. The most important of course is to leave behind a way for a homeowner to contact you. This gives you a warm lead that you can follow up with later.

Door hangers are an easy and effective way to market to your potential customers, even if they are not answering when you visit their home. Door hangers can include any information you want, and they really can’t be ignored because either way- the homeowner is going to grab it from their porch. The most important information you want to include is:

  • Your contact information: Make it as convenient as possible for people to reach you. Consider using a QR code that jumps straight to a text conversation or a link where your customer can chat with you in real time.
  • Information about your products/services: Be sure to include any sales or special pricing so your products can start to sell themselves for you.
  • When you’re coming back: It’s possible that the homeowner chose not to answer the door because they were not expecting anyone or did not recognize you on their doorbell camera. Alleviate this stress by letting them know the time frame in which you will be back in their area.

Field sales representatives are some of the most flexible salespeople out there because they are regularly meeting with customers and potential customers face-to-face, which is a whole different ball game. Changing times call for changing sales methods. Leaving behind door hangers and other marketing materials can ensure that you start warming up your leads, even if you are not on their porch with them. 

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