Stop Giving Quotes & Estimates and Not Getting Sales!

Giving customers free quotes or estimates is great! This gives the customer an idea of what you’ll charge and if they should get their service done through your business. You are in control and able to give the customer information about your business and sell your services verbally. This post isn’t about not giving quotes, but rather how to turn those quotes into actual sales. Continue to give your customers quotes, but follow these tips to turn those quotes into sales. Don’t spend your time giving a quote and then never hearing from the customer again!

Give the quote on the spot
If possible, leave the customer with the quote right there on the spot. Try to avoid telling the customer to check their email in a few days for the quote. It’s easy for a customer to say no or just not respond to an email. Not just that, but they likely have other companies sending them quotes as well. Show them how quickly and efficiently you can get the work done by giving them the quote right away.  Try to be as thorough as possible, while still being aware of their time. The sooner you can get a finished quote to your customer, the better. Your customer is much more likely to set up an appointment based on your quote while you’re still there, in one simple process, than they are to respond to an email days later.

Arrive to give the estimate with an expectation to earn the business that day
So often, service professionals show up at a job site to give a quote, with the expectation that is all they’ll be doing. Train yourself and your employees to show up with confidence and have confidence in your quote. Always ask the customer if they’d like to schedule an appointment for the service while you are still at the site. Don’t leave expecting the customer to call you, because they likely have other companies giving them quotes and setting up appointments for them right away.

Sell your business during the process
As you’re walking through the customer’s home or office writing up a quote, make sure you’re talking and being friendly with the customer. Let them see how friendly and helpful you and your business are. Be helpful and show the customer that you are the expert and you know what you are talking about. Give the customer information and tips during the process of quoting them a price for your service. This goes a long way when the customer is in the process of deciding who to give their business to.

If you don’t schedule an appointment at the time, leave your contact information
This seems like it would be common sense, but many businesses don’t do this. If your customer is sure they don’t want to schedule an appointment at that time, or you aren’t able to finish the job on the spot, leave the customer with all of your contact information! Give them a card with your name, phone number and website address. The more information you can leave with your customer, the better off you will be!

Follow Up
This is huge in all aspects of customer service, and quotes are no different! Whether you were able to schedule a service appointment or not, follow up with your customer. If you weren’t able to schedule an appointment, follow up and ask if they have any questions about the quote, and if they’d like to schedule an appointment at that time. Don’t just leave them with the quote and forget it. If you were able to schedule an appointment, make sure you follow up with the customer and remind them of the appointment. If you’re going to be in their home, it is very courteous to call a day or two before and give the customer a friendly reminder of the appointment.

These are some quick tips you can follow in the process of giving customers quotes and estimates, that will increase your chance of getting new business. Remember, the customer is likely looking at your competitors as well. The quoting process is your biggest opportunity to show why your business is best!

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